Monday, September 28, 2009

lot 1

we were "inspired" to go lot1 again after a sweet time of meetup with JH.
can u see the date?? muahahahha....
i cant wait to go JAPAN!!! :)DSC01630
interestingly, the aircon in the car broke down and it was so hot that water condensed on the INSIDE. thats how we could get this picture la hehehe....



its been awhile. many things have happened in these past few months, both good and bad, but all worth giving thanks for! im thankful for the little breaks that God has placed here and there, for me to catch a breather, take my mind off work and to spend time with and give thanks for the lovely ones from church :)

recently, there have been quite a few things on my mind..after…so many so many things…especially talking to JH, things at hmmm…etc..

Psalms 19:14 Let the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart, be acceptable in thy sight, O LORD, my strength, and my redeemer.

when I first started this blog, my intention was just to share some of the arty-crafty things that I enjoy and at the same time, update others on how fitw has been doing. then, this blog started getting increasingly personal, which I really do not mind because I know my loved ones read it and it is a good way to update them.

at certain points of my blogging experience, there have been emotional lows when I just feel like typing out my complains, resentment, and dislikes for certain things. but I really thank God I did not do it. and now as I look back, how I thank God even more! I thank God that he kept me from making this error..

does it make a difference if its typed out?

does it make a difference when I say it on my blog, but cryptically?

what about if I type out what I feel, but I am absolutely sure the person will not read it?

or..i write something I know a person will read, but that’s because I dare not say it to the person…

it’s a blog…its my own personal space, isn't it…?

what about sms-ing? facebook? msn?

as I pondered on these questions, I realised that the answer really is very simple. all these forms of communication may seem detached from us, but they are actually the words of our mouth. and unlike the things we actually say….at any point of time, anyone can read our blogs. anyone can forward it. anyone can copy and paste it, but who knows how it can blow up beyond proportion…

so, im making a personal resolution, not to use my blog as a "convenient channel" to say things that I dare not say to a person upfront. may every single word, written typed or said, be glorifying to our Heavenly Father. what about you? :)

Saturday, September 12, 2009