Saturday, January 24, 2009

going on a date :)

PP and i went on a date the recent friday (23 Jan). we went to Changi Beach Park which was really beautiful with wunnerful weather and great timing (in time to catch the setting sun). we had a stroll along the beach and boardwalk, and had fun taking cool shots :)

now i can show you photos of how the dress looks when it is worn.



these are some of the cool pictures that we took, all by ourself :) PP, do u think its time for...???? hehehe....


i love taking pictures of trees, or just looking at them. i can spend the whole car trip looking at trees along the road and how their branches arch or curve. its simply amazing, because its a perfectly ordered creation, where the branches always look proportionate and perfectly balanced from all angles. can u see what an amazing designer God is? :)




i really had a nice quiet time with PP. now that His will has been clearly revealed to us, may we quietly and humbly accept it, trusting with all our hearts that God will give us what is best for us..

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

second dress ^_^

kore wa nan desu ka?

hajimemashite! (how do you do?)

are wa watashi no (dress) desu ka? (is that your dress?)

hai! watashi no (dress) desu! (yes, that is my dress!)

that's what i learnt today in japanese class :) and yes, that is the second dress sewn. we needed a white dress to go with a scarf for our "choir uniform" while presenting handel's messiah during Christmas. because i did not have much time, i really intended to buy one. however, all my shoppings were to no avail as i could not find anything nice, or valued for its price. so...TA-DAH! (more pictures of it worn next time!)

i used this lovely book: Dress made of my favourite cloth by Machiko Kayaki (ISBN978-4-579-11190-9). here are some pictures of the lovely eye kyandi (candy) from this book :)






not forgetting this of course, even though its on the cover page (understandaby so!)



the top of the dress. i did not include the part of the lining (though i cut it out) as the fabric i used (cotton) was thick enough. i cheated quite abit! i did not really understand some of the instructions so i tried to figure my way around, especially since its my first time sewing a dress with a ZIP.

lessons learnt:

- don't give up!

- the lining of the top half of the dress comes in handy when concealing the zip ends

- keep trying the dress as you sew! you'll have a better idea of the outcome you want :)

- try sewing in at the sides of the dress if it is too loose

- check if both sides of the fabric are the same! although it is not really visible, the top half of the dress (being the underside) frayed more easily. i did not realise that till it was too late :P if u tried anything from this book, care to share? :) id love to hear about your endeavours :)


most people paint on canvas. some on shoes (go check out my lovely friend's online shop!). ive tried tt, but my most (exciting) project was painting on my freshly painted walls :)


this was the initial design (blush, yes. i doodled when i was bored in class, hence my notes)

Work-in-progress 1


Work-in-progress 2


Work-in-progress 3



DSC03098 DSC04343

i love it :) i did it with the help of a PROJECTOR, which was once again, PP's brilliant idea :)

lessons learnt:

- don't be afraid to try! if u are, ull never get about doing it ;)

- a normal (small) paintbrush works just fine, and helps in making the mural more detailed.

- choose a design ull not get sick of! (in case ure wondering, im not sick of it la...i love it still!!)

Monday, January 12, 2009

GASP! how cool can this be!


go check out POLADROID! i downloaded it and its almost like gaining into your possession a real polaroid camera :) the pictures slowly reveal their colour (u can shake it too!) and you just love the vintage charm they have? so EXCITING!!!!! :)

clockwise from top left:

1. a hobo bag sewn a loooog time ago

2. engagement gift :)

3. two of my favouritest girls :)

4. my new wallet by Jimmy Liao

5. experiments with my logo for fitw

6. PP and my feet :)

Thursday, January 08, 2009

label making!

harlow everyone! hajimemashite! (how do you do?)

today is label making day :)

here are the things u will need/i needed :)

* inkjet transfer paper/tshirt print paper/transfer film (they have all kinds of names!) available at Popular (Bras Basah) or any other arty farty shops

* scissors (i got my trusty singer one!)

* cloth (i used white/beigey cloth which i boht from IKEA at $5 a metre)

* a iron


this is the brand that i use. it does not turn yellow so much upon ironing (tho still alil as most do so-what ive gathered from my experience).

okie, i shall put the instructions down in a systematic manner:

1. design ur logo! u can do it with photoshop/powerpoint/paint-whichever works for you

2. save what u designed as an image, and copy paste it, squeezing as many as you can on 1 a4 sheet. remember to leave space for sewing margins so u can attach ur label without marring ur logo :)

3. print it on the transfer paper! some types require u to print a mirror image but the one i used (see above) does not.

4. time to go to the iron!

5. iron the cloth first.

6. peel off the transfer film, place it on the cloth. if possible, place a hard surface beneath the cloth (ironing board cover is too soft and may lead to crumples on transfer paper)

7. Cover the film with tracing paper and iron for a few minutes (go with ur gut feeling...)

8. cut cut cut :)




makes about 54 :) im planning to sew these on the purses/bags etc that i sell (in the very near future!)

alternatively, if ure lazy, u could try the stamping method :) PP lovingly carved me a fitw stamp! see how talented he is? :)



thank PP! i reli love it very much! :) but i cant use it yet cos i do not have the stamping pad '''-_-

Sunday, January 04, 2009

work in progress - updated! :)







materials used:

- Printable shrink plastic (for inkjet printer use-available at bras basah art friend. $10 for 3 A5 sheets)

- handphone straps ($8 for a pack of 50 available at People's Park-Mix & Match)

- Sculpey studio polymer clay (Takashimaya-Creative Hands, $5.60 for one pack that could make about 30 'rocks')

many thanks to grace, joan, joel and FRIEND for their labour of love! hope u guys had fun :) thanks for coming down!:)

my first japanese book attempt :)

i have a special spot for japanese craft books! PP gave me my very first book, which is this. and it has led to several more like this, this and more recently, this! don't you just love the cover? im buying this in preparation for sewing flower girl dresses :)


and i got many more! haha. silly? considering i do not even know how to read japanese? :)

so here was the first project i wanted to embark on: i don't know if its a dress or a top. well, since the english title read "layered one piece", this was good for layering.  pair it with a sweater, tights and ballet flats and you're good to go:)



i was afraid! and pretty much lost at some points of time...but i began to learn.. :) and here's the end result! with a fabric button too :)


DSC04297 DSC04306

couple it with a belt and this is what you get :)


P1020029 P1020030

P1020032 P1020037

that's my red shoes that i heart heart heart alot :) and tt's PP's feet, which i love :) thank God for yet another accomplished project. i learnt patience through it. while working on it, i thought the end product would be a disaster, but it turned out ok. anyone who is interested in working on this, but is lost or stuck, feel free to drop me a mail! i'll be glad to help/offer some advice... :)

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Christmas Project (:

one of the things i enjoy about Christmas is doing something with PP for our loved ones! after much considerations and brainstorming, this is what PP and i worked on :)

Ingredient 1:: Button covers, with the hook pulled up & pins glued on (using a glue gun) (get them from daiso)


Ingredient 2:: Inkjet transfers for fabric (available in popular bras basah)

Ingredient 3:: Friends and their names :)

PC241682 PC241690

we chose a theme of "remembrance" based on our YF camp theme "Always on Rememberance" based on 2 Peter. We had a desire for our friends to remember God's word, so we chose a verse appropriate for what each of them were going through in their lives..

The outcome?? :)

PC241723 PC241708


lessons learnt:

1. remember which is the right side to glue the pins

2. many hands make light work! thank God for PP's auntie and cousin who kindly lent their hand in this :)

Blessed Christmas everyone! what a reason for rejoicing when one is relieved from the burdens of the world with the birth of a perfect Saviour: Wonderful, Counsellor, the Mighty God, the Everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace! (Isa 9:6)