Saturday, September 29, 2012

a birthday party with ♥

what makes a fantastic birthday party? is it the theme, where people will find ways to means to dress up, get props, and bring out the theme as best as they can? perhaps it's the games, and the amount of uproarious laughter that emits from it? well, my nephew's birthday party was a memorable, lovely and precious time. not the theme, not the games, nor the children. it was a time of fellowship, and thanksgiving, and plenty of ♥ as we pondered on the blessings we had received and hoped for, for the cute little boy. quality time was spent as a family, as we shared and recounted God's blessings!

the thanksgiving time started with a gorgeous sunset, a testimony of God's providence and goodness. 


im sure you will be able to guess the theme from the photos that are to follow :) here's our invitation :)


the little boy, wearing the hand-drawn polo, also don by his parents :)



a little note from us, to the little boy... of our hopes and prayers for him when he grows up!


we got rainbow-coloured brollies as door gifts! yippee! a note with a meaningful song on it (which we sang together) was attached to them :)





the boy LOVES balloons! animal balloons :)


look how happy he is with them!


can a noah's ark theme do without a rainbow? :)

his AMAZING birthday cake! made by Room for Dessert :)


he was SO enamoured by it :)


are you looking for someone to give you a hand in planning a party? as you can see, my very talented can-do-anything-u-can-think-of superwoman of a sister has done a brilliant job heehee ;)   

Friday, September 07, 2012

a hidden haven in thailand - Suan Phung (Part 1)

for many, when bangkok is mentioned as a holiday destination, shopping, eating and street markets will come to mind immediately. the typical traffic jams, the smoke, and the beeps and horns. perhaps not the most scenic and peaceful of holidays, right? 

well, thank God for His good hand, in leading us to discover this beautiful place, somewhere in Ratchaburi, Thailand. it's near the border of Myanmar, and tucked away among mountains. there, you find an array of beautiful resorts, most of which are known only to the locals. we were blessed to somehow discover this place, which is extremely ideal for a retreat. 

this place has been coined as the New Zealand of thailand, which is not surprising because you find mountains, sheep (yes, sheep!), horses and if you go in winter (november to mid-feb), you can enjoy a cooling climate foreign to the city centre of Bangkok. it's known as Suan Phung, a place that is 2 hours drive from Bangkok city.

DSC00193 copy copy

doesn't look like anywhere in asia, right? :)

DSC00213 copy

DSC00401 copy

DSC00402 copy
we stayed in this place called Royal Good View Resort, a beautiful place, with EXCELLENT service offered :) as you drive along the main road, however, you will see that there is a huge array of resorts there like Swiss Valley Hip Resort, Bellisimo etc etc. We chose Royal Good View because it had a hut that could accommodate 5 of us. No regrets at all :) we received the very best service and the rooms were in pristine condition. the people there welcomed us warmly like VIPs and we were even served a fruit platter when we first arrived :) 

DSC00181 copy



Royal Good View in itself is also a farm, and so just outside your little hut, you will find tons of sheep and a few horses wandering around, grazing in the fields :) you can enter the field, feed the sheep, touch them, carry them (if you dare) and also achieve a complete sensory experience by sniffing their poop (which are little pellets scattered all over the ground haha!). 



DSC00250 contrast

We fell in love with this baby lamb which was just so adorable! and this baby horse too!




the moment we got there, we explored our hut, went up to the rooftop, played with the sheep and the animals, and tried to catch chicks (hmm it's harder than it looks!). needless to say, countless photos were taken. it was a very very happy day, where our hearts were filled with thankfulness to God for bringing us safely to such a beautiful place :) 

Royal Good View Resort

888 Mu 8 Tambon Suan Phueng, Amphoe Suan Phueng, Ratchaburi, Thailand

Tel: 0 2934 3323-4, 08 5909 3566


Contact person: Preeyapach - lovely lady to liase with :)

Email me if you're keen for more information :)