Tuesday, September 27, 2011

secret tip for hydrangea bouquets :)

i have always looooonged to have hydrangeas for my wedding bouquet. to my dismay, after doing some research, i found out that hydrangeas perish really quickly and it would not be able to last half the day. so, on my wedding day, i was expecting baby's breath or white roses. to my joy, the florist (working with my bridal studio) gave me what i wanted, teaching us a secret tip!

"keep the flowers in the fridge. just before you take it out for the day, throw the hydrangeas into a pail of water for a few minutes... and they will look like fresh blooms...!"

Emerson  Esther  day 011

and they did :) thereafter, my darling groom-to-be wrapped it in coral blue ribbon and pasted a sweet little heart on it to fit our theme :) the sweet florist also sprayed sky blue paint on PP's corsage of baby's breath to match my bouquet :)

and since we are on details, here's close-ups of my dress and shoes...

Emerson  Esther  day 012

Emerson  Esther  day 014

Emerson  Esther  day 037

shoe soles say "happiness starts here", from Beverly Feldman (bought them from Hue in Raffles City). how apt :)

Photo credits: Bryan Jean Photography

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

bazaar pictures

thank God for sustaining us through the bazaar. it was a really lovely experience, meeting all the lovely people! i can't help but feel that there is this strange connection i share with my customers. i love how we both share an appreciation of pretty things, and i am also very thankful for their sweet support in many ways!

here are some pictures :)







see this sweet, pretty wooden crate? i tried sourcing for one but it was rather tough :/ unexpectedly, PP built one for me from scratch, using wooden planks from daiso! :)

learnt much, as with every time. looking forward to the next one already :)

姐,Z, J + ZH, XW+HL, 真的感谢你们下来支持我。 被你们的爱心与关怀感动了!

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

bazaar, again!

im stoked.

Bazaar banner

every time we approach a bazaar, my heart palpitates wildly just thinking about it, haha! yes, there are tons of preparation to do and the stress is mounting. also, it's a smaller-scale one, as im only taking part for one day and renting only one table. but still, i can't wait!


things to expect this season:

more hand-sewn, hand-drawn pouches for phones, instax cameras and pencils

IMG 4859 copy

IMG 4857 copy

IMG 4855 copy

IMG 4853 copy

polaroid stickers

IMG 4862 copy

IMG 4863 copy

IMG 4864 copy

+ photo-cards

+ bottle-cap necklaces

and other knick-knacks that hopefully, will make you smile :)


catch a glimpse of the previous bazaar here :)

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

teacher's day project 2011


once again, PP reminded me that i could not, not do anything... just like he did here.. and so, by God's grace, and with PP's help, this is what we came up with. I decided on hot chocolate with much hesitation, because i was not sure whether most people would like it. however, fond memories of how the hot chocolate warmed my heart in melbourne made me decide that this was probably the best thing to perk a teacher up, especially in the office :)

let me share here how we did this!

we purchased little canisters from this random shop in Jurong West. It sells baking supplies and other groceries, together with takeaway boxes and paper bags - the kind of things i like! thank God that it came in the right size! there were 2, and the nice auntie found the bigger one for me :) since i was buying quite alot, i got it at a reasonable price of 50 canisters for SGD$12.

IMG 4765 copy

After some scouring, i think this is the name of the store :)

Lee Bee Enterprises Co

Jurong West Street 52, #01-152, Blk 507 Singapore 640507

p: 65619518  f: 65666264


not wanting to take any risks, PP and i did some washing...

IMG 4764 copyIMG 4762 copy

hot chocolate and tiny marshmallows were purchased from Cold Storage. i must confess i have tasted better-quality hot chocolate, but i guess Cadbury makes a rather good alternative. Another brand worth trying is "Swiss Miss".

IMG 4770 copy

IMG 4772 copy

transferred the chocolate and squeezed about 10 marshmallows in :)

IMG 4780 copy

cover, and paste the label :)

IMG 4791

here's a close-up of the label...

IMG 4788 copy

seal and tie in a little plastic spoon using brown string - both available at SKP (again, one of my favourite stores), and finish it off with a gorgeous heart. i purchased the Martha Stewart heart lace scalloped punch from Paper Market.

IMG 4800 copy

ta-daa :)

PTM Storyboard Web Template

this was a simple project that did not take alot of time :) if you would like the soft copy of the stickers, feel free to ask me for it and i'll gladly email it to u :) i used labels from Mayspies (label number: 09 00 14). The font names are Learning Curve, and Print Clearly. Click on the links and it will lead you to a site to download these gorgeous fonts i have used countless times.

Just around the corner is children's day! ACK! i have not fully decided what to do.. but you can see what i worked on for the past 2 years, here and here :)

thank God that my colleagues liked it and it put a smile on their faces :) :)