Wednesday, September 07, 2011

bazaar, again!

im stoked.

Bazaar banner

every time we approach a bazaar, my heart palpitates wildly just thinking about it, haha! yes, there are tons of preparation to do and the stress is mounting. also, it's a smaller-scale one, as im only taking part for one day and renting only one table. but still, i can't wait!


things to expect this season:

more hand-sewn, hand-drawn pouches for phones, instax cameras and pencils

IMG 4859 copy

IMG 4857 copy

IMG 4855 copy

IMG 4853 copy

polaroid stickers

IMG 4862 copy

IMG 4863 copy

IMG 4864 copy

+ photo-cards

+ bottle-cap necklaces

and other knick-knacks that hopefully, will make you smile :)


catch a glimpse of the previous bazaar here :)


Jean said...

Wow! They are all so beautiful! I love them all :) jia you!!!

Anonymous said...

(: bought one of the bottle-cap necklaces from you today. it did make me smile, so continue doing what you do!

esther said...

awww.. thank u so much for ur encouraging words :) they mean so much :)