Monday, March 30, 2009

the tiny art director

one of my new favourite blogs is here :) one little girl who offers the most frank (and quite funny to read) critique of her daddy's illustrations, which by the way, i happen to think are beautiful!

Untitled picture

a print screen from Tiny Art Director :)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

bundle of joy (:

knowing that i had a long day yesterday, PP decided to perk my day up with this :)


Kinder JOY! the old-school version is known as Kinder Surprise and had a hard chocolate shell. this comes two plastic halves and a little spoon to scoop up the nutella-like cream :)

PP thought that i would find it too sweet and i did, so i spread them on oat biscuits. if u ask me, Meiji Plain Crackers would complement them really well :)


this is mokku.



he likes to stand on his head and flip around because he's a 不倒翁 (budaowong)  :) go try it or get it for someone you love. it wld really make their day :) :)

and yes, PP calls me laopo2be :) :)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

cotton candy in the sky

the day before yesterday, while on the road with PP, we were blessed to be able to see 3 types of clouds in the sky!~


"Cumulus Clouds: The word cumulus comes from the Latin word for a heap or a pile. Cumulus clouds are puffy in appearance. They look like large cotton balls..."


"Stratus Clouds: The word stratus comes from the Latin word that means "to spread out." Stratus clouds are horizontal, layered clouds that stretch out across the sky like a blanket. Sometimes a layer of warm, moist air passes over a layer of cool air. Stratus clouds often form at the boundary where these layers meet. "


"Cirrus clouds... are a third general type of cloud. The word cirrus comes from the Latin word for a tuft or curl of hair. Cirrus clouds are very wispy and feathery looking. "

These are the 3 general types of clouds as learnt from here. and we saw them all in a day! how's that for a geography lesson :) i guess my studies in JC din go to waste! thank you ms ting :)

for pictures prettier than these, go check this out~  :)

Sunday, March 15, 2009



what do you do when lighting is poor and ur photos are all poorly taken and u can't wait to try to yummy mango sago? you use POLADROID la! lol :)

anyway, 姐 made my favouritest and yummylicious dessert with the recipe i told her about from here. and since she asked for feedback, and im a totally qualified person with professional experience (lol), ill give you a write up!

what was good:

almost everything la! the syrup is not too milky although you tot so, 姐. although im surely not a big fan of milk, the syrup had a nice milky aftertaste and it also made it not so sweet, which is just the way i like it :) and the mango is great! the previous time i tried this recipe, i bought 2 mangos that were unripe and sour, while the other 2 were over-ripe and too soft. ur mangos are just right babe, tts reli wat matters most i tink:)

what was bad?

the pomelo was sour leh :( so it kinda spoils the taste alil..but its bearable la, esp when u eat it with the mango :) however, im the kind of person who saves the best for the last (are u?), so the mangos are last for me! 姐, how long did u cook the sago for? it was just right but cld do with abit more chewiness :)

if ure a cooking type of person (i.e. like AUNTIE!!!!!), go try this out! and if ure as nice as 姐, i dun mind trying some and giving u constructive feedback *muahahaha* ;)

a day at the park

with PP :) managed to practice taking some pretty flower shots and with tt of a big big tree :)



see the difference black and white makes..?





i quite like this shot by PP :) tts me in the background~




and there was a pretty sunset too nice not to post!



some of you may be wondering if new products will be posted up on the online shop anytime soon. well, just a small explanation, im working on getting everything out, hoping tt i can launch them with a bazaar before posting them online. also, i do not want to be so caught up with this whole thing, neglecting other areas in my life :) so if ure earnestly awaiting more stuff, leave ur email! updates will be sent to u :)

i thank God for a better camera tt allowed me to capture His beautiful handiwork. if u tink photos of flowers/trees/sunsets/rainbows are beautiful, den what more the Creator of all these things?

Friday, March 13, 2009

island creamery mudpie

do u know what it LOOKS like to be over passionate about mudpie at Island Creamery?


let me out of here, i need my mudpie fix...


yikes im so excited im going to fall off my chair! (tis is for real)


oh no did u really catch all that on the camera?


let me pose nicely now before i tuck into my yummy mudpie~



now u c it..


now u dun!

ok...abit of exaggeration here. just a disclaimer... tts not me ya..its the other, ah-hem, me..the one who goes abit crazy, talks too much and has super alot of blackmailable shots. the real me is usually very composed, rather shy, and very very lady-like. right.

i was glad to have an accidental treat today after night class at FEBC with JH and PP :) since there was a jam (haha secret joke!), JH suggested eating at island creamery which of cos i agreeed since ive not eaten there for a long time! ok, i got a confession to make. ive not tried the ice cream before. the only thing ive REALLY eaten from there is the mudpie. its so good, there is no need to try anything else ;) go try it if u haven!

let me explain myself alil: i was leaning closer to JH to take a pic when my chair suddenly lost its balance! so JH was trying to catch me while i regained my composure. and PP took the shot :X

learning that..

when i make a mistake, it is not the end of the world.

there is always a lesson to be learnt from it...

Sunday, March 08, 2009

we're engaged!

PP and i got engaged on 20th feb formally. it was a small event with loved ones over at PP's place, giving thanks and rejoicing for what God has done for us. truly, God has done an amazing work with us, two unworthy and undeserving creatures...

towards the end, we spent some time having a "photoshoot" with our loved friends (i.e. the younger pple la haha!). i love the photos. thank u joce for being our photographer! i tink ure a great one leh. getting up there soon ;)


the only photo of my beloved 姐 whom i sometimes tink ive been quite bad to :(

and we tried to achieve this:


and we got this!


haha! followed by many other fun shots :)


and so many other sweet shots of us with our friends tt ill prefer nt to post up here in case they mind. but ill be looking at them for a very long time :) thank God for the time tt we had. God showed tt He truly cld supply for all our need, even when we were concerned abt the budget/catering for the dinner. but He gave more than sufficient for us! we are so thankful for tt :)

giveaway results!

so today was the end of the giveaway...and im sorry im a few hours late!



the sweet people who gave brilliant joan's: to put measurements (why did i ever not tink of tt? mayb i was lazy :P )

so, i got the best salesman of FITW to do the picking. he's handsome, great, charasmatic and does not drink enuf water. he's my..... brother!


here's what he picked..



congratulations johanna! thank u for ur feedback abt how some of the drawings appeared "blurr" because i used a different kind of marker. thank u also for ur sweet works of encouragement! i will keep working hard :) a mail is on the way to ur mailbox, to ask for ur address ;)

Saturday, March 07, 2009

the girl loves trees, and clouds




first picture taken while on the road to SGH.

next 2 taken at west coast park on a bright sunny afternoon.

the girl is thankful tt the Creator of trees and clouds loves her.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

pleasant surprise revealed!


a promise made and a promise kept, here's the pleasant surprise... a giveaway! as a gesture of thanks and appreciation to those who came down to support FITW for the bazaar:)



description of this lovely xiaodingdangbag can be found here.

to join this giveaway, simply leave a comment with ur name, email, and ONE (or more!) constructive comment/feedback abt FITW products. to start u thinking, it can be abt what ud like to see more, what u really liked abt FITW, or how u tink FITW can improve (since it is just starting out and there's much room for growth). be kind, ok?

a name will be randomly picked on 8th March 2009, 9pm.. which ill announce on this blog and email you (if ure picked) for ur address :)

y am i so excited..?

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Report - Bazaar Day 2 (3rd March)

today was a most lovely day! it din start off too well, but it ended sweetly and i thank God.

PP and i reached about 9.30am in the morning and planned to slowly set up and have breakfast before officially opening. however, before we had time to fill our tummies, we were pleasantly surprised by 2 sweet girls (amelia and margaret i tink?) who made the first purchases of the day!

while we were very happy and thankful, thing took a slight downturn when the clouds came and it started pouring so much so that we had to "close shop" and keep all the stuff under a big green curtain (doesn't tt sound yucky?) so they wld not get wet :(

the clouds..


u cld tell the sun was still shining and know somehow tt the rain wld stop..but for that good half hour, i was so worried and sad.

what cld God be trying to tell us?

Be patient, my child..

the rain soon stopped and upon reflecting, it was such a blessing because we cld enjoy the whole day in lovely natural air-conditioning!

thereafter, throughout the day, many sweeeeet people came by, buying random things and also showing so much love for my lovely friend esther's shoes! some pple that i rembr meeting: tiffany (who bought the laptop bag which i tink is one of the NICEST!), hidayah, faiz (?) - these three were really cute and funny :) than there's so many more but i can't rembr their names. then the highlight of the day: PP's mummy and brother came down... =...)


only 4 pairs of her shoes left! (not including the funky strawberry ones). i just can't put in words how much i enjoy doing this :)

note to self: i did not realise that the school uniform earrings would be such a hit! since u guys have been so pleasantly surprised by it, ill make more, and sell them cheap still..(profits are not my primary concern). leave a comment if u'd like ur school uniform made and if possible, provide advice on the little details that i might miss out:)


packing up and going home...

Monday, March 02, 2009

pleasant surprise


pleasant surprise to be revealed on 4th March 2009. Stay tuned! :)

(picture taken by PP, of plants just next to our bazaar table..)

Report: Bazaar Day 1 - 2nd March!

a big HARLOW and THANK YOU to all of you who have lovingly came by (whether by accident or not) to take a look the stuff! :) i reli enjoyed making them and i hope u enjoyed looking at them!

the sky when PP and i set off in the morning :)


setting up the place...







tml will be the last day of the bazaar! the rest of the things will be posted on my shoppe. but buy them at the bazaar! the prices have been cut and u get to enjoy using them right away ;)

when PP and i left, this is what we saw! again!


what could God be trying to tell us?

Not to forget Him...