Monday, October 31, 2011

children's day 2011 - part 1

i must say that i (maybe PP too!) regretted many times after we embarked on this project. it was TOUGH! on top of the fact we had to juggle several things to. nonetheless, it was a small gesture on our part to show our love to our students. hope they liked it!

important things you need to embark on this project:

1) do it with a smile :)


2) a nifty pretty stamp - bought or carved by a dear one like PP :)


IMG 4963 copy

3) alphabet stamps (i got mine from Kikki K!)

IMG 4965 copy

4) it's always nice to have someone to stand by you in the projects you do :)

IMG 4966 copy

PP and i purchased canvas bags in bulk. thank God for leading us to a reasonable source, where we managed to get them for less than $3 a bag :)

thereafter, stamp, stamp, stamp and stamp somemore...! and this is what you should get :)

IMG 4979 copy

as for the other side of the bag, we created a design, and printed it on iron-on fabric transfer paper (i have used them here and here before)

IMG 5006 copy

here's the end result :)

PTM Before and After Frames BlogVERT

we packed it with cheezels (i promise you this is a must), snacks and stationery. did the kids like it? i think so. one of my favourite students, E, declared, "I'm going to keep this until it grows mould! awww <3



Thursday, October 27, 2011

im one half


as a pastor has said before, marriage is a time when "two become one". and if separated after that, each individual is not longer one, but half. PP has been away for one and a half weeks thus far, and more than ever, i feel like im one half :/ im not moping of course. separation is a good time of quietness for myself, to think, reflect...and also to channel the time to my other friends and loved ones :) so thank God, for His perfect timing, for His sustenance, for His goodness and blessings. of course, i miss him a lot, resorting to even sleeping on his side of the bed. im definitely looking forward to his return, and it's a comfort to receive support through him in his little creative ways :)

Photo 2


to the dear ones who ask of me and support me in little ways, thank u too..

Thursday, October 13, 2011

the black sheep cafe

i remember our last food adventure here. for yummy xiaolongbaos!

PP and i are a little more wary about sharing our food adventures. we don't want people to get the impression that we live to eat or that we enjoy such palatable luxuries all the time. it is often a once in a while treat and must as we are tempted to, our finances don't allow us to splurge too much hehe...

that said, some places are great finds with great food and of course, worthy to be shared with u :) one of such places is a little restaurant called The Black Sheep Cafe.

IMG 4606 copy

It is tucked away in a little corner of Little India (I think), with an Indian chef, but seriously, it has the best french food i have ever tasted! here's a glimpse of the menu:

IMG 4609 copy

we usually go in search of "Pan-fried foie gras", a personal favourite of mine. it came in a generous serving and was WONDERFUL!

IMG 4614 copy

We also ordered Duck Confit, which was so well-cooked that it melted in our mouths. PP said there was no need to apply any strength to cut the meat. it simply slid off our knives :)

IMG 4619 copy

Be prepared to wait though. This quaint little cafe is not a huge set-up and when it's full house, you may have to spend up to half an hour waiting for the dessert. well, i guess that gives u more reason to savour the food slowly :)

The souffle is worth the wait, and a must try!

Untitled 2


The Black Sheep Cafe

35 Mayo Street (Off Little India)

make reservations at 92721842 or 62925772

note their unusual opening hours here!