Monday, December 15, 2008

flower*in the wilderness

with PP's encouragement, i have decided to change the name, both of my blog and my shoppe. tho it appears strange and cumbersome, but the meaning behind this new name is so much richer and will remind me of my purpose in doing all these. rev koshy, from his message has shared that, as long as u are doing God's will, even if u are all alone, surely HE will take care of you, just like HE takes care of the flower in the wilderness.

i believe this is God's will. Lord, if it is not at any point of time, please prevent me from going forward!

Friday, October 17, 2008

bourbon petit ebi~

this is my new favourite biscuit! PP boht them for me when we were at Central. it's $2 a pack & u can finish it all in one sitting ;)

20071151453963665 petit-ebisen

not too salty, but tasty and light enough for my liking. get them at this store called "yamakawa". it sells many more other yummy japanese goodies!

Taking the SBS & the MRT

SBS means: Bus in Singapore

MRT means: Train in Singapore

Today was a long time in a while that i took the public transport. although the weather was hot, humid and i was not feeling too well, i saw two nice things..

1. An lone elderly old man, who in spite of his wrinkles and aviator (i.e. old fashioned) spectacles, was distinguished and spoke perfect english. He wore khaki pants a collared tshirt, and on brown sports jacket. His hair was neatly combed. What caught my attention?

He made the effort to talk to everyone who sat next to him.

Throughout my 40 min train ride, the people who sat next to him received warm smiles and little questions. It's interesting to see how they respond. Some just give him weird looks. but the ones that are open are the ones who really had a good conversation with him, and probably could alight the train feeling like someone made their day.
It's sad how aloof Singaporeans can sometimes be, carried away with their own busyness to even smile to someone who stands beside. it jus takes a smile, doesn't it? :)

2. I saw this:

and many other noble mummies who, in the sweltering heat, carry their loved young ones, on top of bags of groceries and what-looked-like-a-lot-of-things..

very sweet~

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

my fetish for flowers

clay earrings

just to share a little bit on my past, I used to be very much into polymer clay! here are some of my humble works :) check out more on my flickr.

I do miss having the time to come up with all these lovely little things! *deep breath* when my holidays starts….. *deep breath* im going to start hyperventilating from the excitement! I cant wait!
On a serious note, I am very thankful for this gift that God has given me. I dun want to be proud and boastful. I just want to acknowledge and be thankful for being able to create things that are "not too bad" looking :) but what can I do with this gift? It seems like something that is not very spiritual, or able to reach out to others. Lord, please direct me. Let me use what you have given me in the way you want me to use it!

Monday, October 13, 2008

somebody needs new socks

a common sight on the PP's feet... ;)

very pretty

these are nice :)

i saw them on figs & ginger.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

fabric buttons

there are so many projects that ive done that i would like to note down but there's just so much to do :( niwae, just want to share my finding of the week!
i like fabric buttons becos u can fit them to whatever fabric u like! but when making ur own, this is the problem:
it puckers up and becomes so ugly! i noe there are proper covers, but getting them from spotlight amounts to almost $6 a pack...
AND SO....
imagine my happiness when i saw this!!! :)

$2 each from D-A-I-S-O! im so happy to see that Daiso is stocking up very generously on sewing supplies. while some are more expensive, there are cheap and nice stuff too, like these :)

and i got some other stuff too :) pretty cotton lace & lovely wooden buttonnns~

Monday, September 29, 2008


[pronounced: you and me/yoo-uhnd-mee]
-pronoun + conjunction + pronoun-

let's make friends, shall we?
you, and, me

im here to share my experiences, my ventures, my joys
i love working with clay, cloth and other people!
here's the start of a whole new journey!
you, and, me