Sunday, October 12, 2008

fabric buttons

there are so many projects that ive done that i would like to note down but there's just so much to do :( niwae, just want to share my finding of the week!
i like fabric buttons becos u can fit them to whatever fabric u like! but when making ur own, this is the problem:
it puckers up and becomes so ugly! i noe there are proper covers, but getting them from spotlight amounts to almost $6 a pack...
AND SO....
imagine my happiness when i saw this!!! :)

$2 each from D-A-I-S-O! im so happy to see that Daiso is stocking up very generously on sewing supplies. while some are more expensive, there are cheap and nice stuff too, like these :)

and i got some other stuff too :) pretty cotton lace & lovely wooden buttonnns~

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