Monday, July 09, 2012

paper pinwheels


DSC02532 copy

DSC02528 copy

this paper pinwheel was the very first thing i cut with the silhouette cameo, which i received from my sister for my birthday. it's such a nifty toy  and i really went "Aaaaaaahhhhh!" when i found out what she got for me. THANKS JIE!!!! :) anyway, this was a craft for pre-school kids. many thanks to vera, from paper party, who gave me many insights as to what exactly was needed and even helped me by drawing out a diagram ^_^ do check out her fb page here!

here's the instructions i typed out for others to follow. will just copy and paste them here for future reference :)

Materials needed:

a. Pinwheel Paper (Coloured cardstock)

b. Whitepaper(withJohn3:30)

c. Brown paper (rectangle with two slits in middle)

d. Wooden Dowels (long wooden sticks)



g. Colour Pencils/Crayons/Markers


1. Bring all the holes on the corners of the pinwheel to meet in the centerhole.

2. Take out the pin from the wooden dowel and poke it through all 5 holes.

3. Continue to poke the pin through one bead. (Result: the paper pinwheel is between the pinhead and the bead)

4.Poke the pin into the wooden dowel.

5. Thread the dowel through the slits on the brown paper.

6. Ta-dah! You have your pinwheel. May you be reminded of Christ and how you want to add to His glory. Just like how the wind enables to pinwheel to spin, God can enable us to obey and glorify Him when we are willing vessels :)


p.s. the silhouette machine comes with a pinwheel template which can help you cut the pinwheel paper. it should look somewhat like this :)