Friday, February 27, 2009


in a quiet side of chinatown, tucked in a quaint lil eatery, hides two crazy people!

create animated gif

create animated gif

made on Picasion.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

working on it

Bazaar @ NUS Science Forum

2-3 March 2009,

10am onwards


im working on it. so excited! c u there!

photo fun

people i can think of who will like this: joan!

who just got a new "toy" and has lots of fun taking shots like "jocelyn" whohasatail,poofyeyelashesandaneasytimebrushingherteethbecausesheonlyhastwo. (if u don't understand this, its fine because its an internal joke :)

cool sites to edit ur photos and just have some fun :)


the above is done on PhotoFunia which is so simple and straightfoward. just select the effect u like (which is clearly demonstrated with pics), 0upload ur picture and out pops the editted version! ta-daaaaa~

Big Huge Labs is another site with fun things! in here, u can...


create ur own motivational poster here..

fx1007084 fx5429203  

fx5237003 fx3578929

this is a simple alternative to photoshop, for simple filters and sepia, negative, sketching, negative (etc) effects.

u can do other things like create ur jigsaw puzzle, make ur own mosiac, put ur face on a magazine cover...have fun :) but don't get too distracted! ;)

why are there so many songs about rainbows?

the title is taken from the first line of The Rainbow Connection, sang by kermit the frog in that funny nasal voice :) click on the link to listen if uve never heard it before! it has a happy tune and nice to listen to, but actually, the lyrics have no meaning :P but i like it becos it reminds me of how PP will sing it to me and impersonate kermit ;)

well, rainbows have a much deeper significance than a "rainbow connection". it is a beautiful seal for a promise made by a loving God! noahic covenant. attend FEBC night class! ull learn so much more abt it :)

today, God chose to use the sky as His canvas and painted a most amazing rainbow of colour to reassure His people again, of His promise...





how can u ever deny that there is a wonderful Creator behind all the beauty of this world?

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Monday, February 16, 2009


did this up for my mummy and her sunday school at calvary jurong.

the front page:


the inside:


the back :)


i used faber-castell water colour pencils and scanned it into my computer. to clean up some of the rough edges (for the inside page), i used Vector Magic, which is really great for hand drawings :) its my honour and privilege to help u mummy :)

sweet tooth

sometime ago, the Grp of Sanctification in our Youth Fellowship tried to prepare this:


of course, the result doesn't look like the above la... its taken from Bakerella! PP and I bought white coverture chocolate as a replacement for the "bark coating" in the recipe. we din manage it too well at first but it eventually worked out fine. and our group had fun pounding all the oreo cookies with water bottles! :) too bad i got no pictures to show u :(

well, 1 box of oreo (the kind with several packs of 3) will do just fine if u want to try this out. whatever it is, Bakerella does offer excellent and yummy-looking desserts just perfect for one with a sweet tooth. go take a look :) even if u have no interest in baking, just looking at them is good enough eye kyandi (candy) ^_^ i, for one, would like to try this!


pictures all from bakerella~

Sunday, February 15, 2009


dear readers, this post is dedicated to those who find themselves tongue-tied and unable to express themselves :) or those that are fun-loving and would like something to help perk up those around them!^_^

姐, i figured ur students might like this, heh. and u cld force them to fill this up when they refuse to do their homework haha... click on it for a larger view! :)




go try it here: Bureau of Communication :) its so funny...especially the "dun tell my parents" and "it was my evil twin" in the statement of apology ^_^ and they have many other forms to play around with. have fun!


O Lord,

we live in a sin-laden world...

where we are quick to judge others,
but slow to look at our own faults;

quick to realise our own needs,
but slow to notice the needs of others;

wishing that others would bear our burdens,
but not willing to bear that of others,

murmuring for what we lack,
but forgetting the good things u give to us.

we are so slow to forgive others,
but quick to condemn those who offend us..

and so self-occupied, so self-obsessed, so self-absorbed.


only u can teach and help us to love, as u have loved,

to serve as u have served,
in the greatest form of humility when u washed ur disciples' feet.

guide us that we may cast our eyes on you,
as u help us to love those around,

to pray in sincerity for others,
just as u seeked forgiveness for us when u said, "Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do. "


we are not worthy to be channels of your blessings.
but we seek that u use us, that YOUR NAME BE GLORIFIED in our thoughts, words, feelings and actions.

In Jesus' name I pray,


Monday, February 09, 2009

Sunday, February 08, 2009


today, when the exco was having lunch together during exco meeting, a very interesting point was brought up.

BUT, let me digress a little! i actually enjoy singing in the combined choir alot! and im very blessed.

"This is my beloved Son in whom I am well-pleased"

and the soprano solo is SUPER POWERFUL! *pow* my hair stand *in a good way* when she stood behind me and sang the solo. but its so amazing :)


OK. now back to the interesting point. NTU, NUS and SMU's mid-term break all happen to fall on the same week (23rd feb). now, what do u tink that means? :)




(elvin and lixin: i just had to put this shot in..)


^_^ so, are you ON? :) :)

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

online handicraft thing

madam asked me more about this "online handicraft thing", so i shall talk more about it ;) madam, are u touched that this post is dedicated to u? haha...
i started experimenting with polymer clay sometime back.. it was never something i aimed to master, but somehow, i enjoy very much the creation process and am indeed very thankful for God's goodness in helping me do such things..
from making of gifts, to people repeatedly commenting that i ought to sell my stuff, plus having alot of free time, i decided to set up a selling blog, just for fun...ex-address? it is now a barren land with minimal reminders of my past hahahahhaha...but nice dear joan helped me make my blog look nice-nice :) thank u joan! and the school uniform earrings were a great hit!
did many other schools' but my camera last time sooooo koyak, all my photos are blurr~ need a.. *** haha!more of my creations can be seen here..


as for now, im working on it! the online shop's link can be found here..but nothing is up for sale because im still in the midst of preparation. why "flower in the wilderness"? explained in some time back here. im really excited actually! :) haha...when its all ready, ill send out a mail~ ^.^


something i did for PP's sister long time back, for her birthday. we sent her off that day, when she left for Manchester on SEP. elena, don't forget us :P be a good girl, and we look forward to seeing u again :)

Monday, February 02, 2009

wordy of mention

go check out WORDLE! its so cool and it generates "word clouds" which reveal frequency of the number of times you mention a certain word. you can input your own text, or input your blog address, and then toggle the colour/font/layout that you like. so cool :) the outcome is good enough for a desktop wallpaper! i like....~ ^_^

this reveals what i have for this week :)

this is the one did from my blog :)

changed the font and colour and this is the outcome~

go check it out :)