Monday, February 16, 2009

sweet tooth

sometime ago, the Grp of Sanctification in our Youth Fellowship tried to prepare this:


of course, the result doesn't look like the above la... its taken from Bakerella! PP and I bought white coverture chocolate as a replacement for the "bark coating" in the recipe. we din manage it too well at first but it eventually worked out fine. and our group had fun pounding all the oreo cookies with water bottles! :) too bad i got no pictures to show u :(

well, 1 box of oreo (the kind with several packs of 3) will do just fine if u want to try this out. whatever it is, Bakerella does offer excellent and yummy-looking desserts just perfect for one with a sweet tooth. go take a look :) even if u have no interest in baking, just looking at them is good enough eye kyandi (candy) ^_^ i, for one, would like to try this!


pictures all from bakerella~

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