Thursday, April 26, 2012

pp's birthday card + bottle

a long time ago, two very dear friends thought of me while they were shopping and bought this little bottle for me.

IMG 6383

it was very very cute and the words on it were rather meaningful, but i did not know what it could be used for. now, on hindsight, it has served its perfect purpose because it has been turned into this!

IMG 6408

its the perfect size for PP's birthday card. creating this is very similar to how friendship pens are made, with some weaving involved.

here are the materials i used:

hemp twine/rope

jersey string (made from an old tshirt. find the tutorial here!)

double-sided tape


(optional) a red fabric pen

1. start by deciding on the text you want, because that determines the amount of jersey thread you need. i usually work with odd numbers. if the characters are less complicated, i use 5 threads. in this case, i wanted the alphabets to be big so i used 7 strings. i stuck them on the bottle using double-sided tape.

IMG 6382

2. Coat the threads with another layer of double-sided tape

IMG 6384

3. Now the winding starts! paste the hemp twine diagonally, then wind the twine around its end so it will not come loose easily. (see photo) keep winding so the end of the hemp twine is hidden.

IMG 6385

IMG 6387

IMG 6386

4. imagine the bottle to be grid paper/pixels. weave the jersey thread in and out accordingly so it will show through when necessary. you may need to do some sketching if it is confusing :) each "pixel" involves the hemp twine going round the bottle twice. as you keep progressing, keep sticking layers of double-sided tape so your pattern will stay.

IMG 6390

IMG 6391

5. When you reach the end, snip of the excess jersey thread, leaving about 1 cm allowance.

IMG 6394

6. Seal the excess jersey using double-sided tape.

IMG 6398

7. Continue to wind your hemp twine to the end of the bottle. i chose to do something similar to how i started (see step 3) so the end of the hemp twine will not fray or come loose so easily.

IMG 6399

The end product looked like it needed some colour! i used a fabric marker and coloured the heart red. IMG 6403

IMG 6404

ta-dah! a pretty, personalised case for the card. really thank God for the inspiration because i was really stumped initially how to decorate the bottle and what materials i should use :) to my surprise, hemp twine and jersey thread go so well together! here's the final product and a little glimpse of his card, which tells our story ^_^

IMG 6410 copy

IMG 6434 copy

blessed remembrance day, PP :) indeed, it's so good to remember God's goodness and what He has done for us, each year :)

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pp said...

this comment is alil late...but this gift/container/letter often brings me back to the time when i first knew my wife. the drawings using coloured pencil, the vivd colours and expressions, ability to capture the essence of the moment. all are God's wonderful gift to her, my help meet for me. and indeed there are times we do not know why we have certain things, yet God has a purpose for it, in His time (just like this container than was finally able to serve its purpose)