Monday, November 30, 2009

secrets to a successful kaya toast enterprise

first, u need a qualified "auntie" to handle the coordinationDSC03556
then, u need someone very talented at cutting bread sideways. preferably get someone who was once your kindergarten classmate (HAHA) :)DSC03565 
give each person fixed tasks and get them to work in a line.
2 min 10 seconds is the key, my friend!DSC03568

get someone to taste the food.DSC03559
of course, what is kaya toast without bubble tea right? so, u have to hire the bubble tea aunties. make sure they are joyful in their service! like these :)
but don't allow them to get too "high" on the bubble tea!DSC03574
arrange the food nicely
check for customer's satisfaction, from young...DSC03599
to old!
at the end of it all, give thanks to God for all things, including the wonderful fellow workers and the great privilege to serve Him in this fun yet fruitful way :)

Sunday, November 29, 2009

tcf outing

its been too long! so many things have happened, but im glad ive been able to sort things out and choose to do His will. may He give grace as i wait upon Him daily! it is a daily struggle, indeed..

here are some tcf outing photos. i enjoyed the outing, the interaction with the kids, the singing of songs, the taking of photos and the editing of photos even though it was T-E-D-I-O-U-S :p

two weeks to YF camp! i really really can't wait!!!!!!!



and considerably one of my favourite photos.. :)DSC03424