Saturday, December 31, 2016

memories from perth november 2015 (day 5)

and we are off to caversham wildlife park! 

ezra had an amazing time 

little boy surprised us with how brave he was!

uncle, what do wombats eat?


carrying the snake


stroking the bob-tailed lizard




totally at ease, like he had fed kangaroos before! (he is normally quite timid)

papa got called up during the show to perform


off to south perth for a slow evening

playground, chilling on the grass, sunset


perth, your skies are beautiful 




Wednesday, December 28, 2016

memories from perth november 2015 (day 4)


jacaranda trees in full bloom

blessed to be in the Lord’s house on sabbath, even though we are away from home

lunch in a chinese restaurant, catching up

ministering at an old folk’s home

loving hospitality, brought to cottesloe 

seagulls sipping water from puddles 

sunset, freezing wind, seaside, slides

warm korean dinner 

a blessed day, thankful


Tuesday, December 27, 2016

memories from perth november 2015 (day 3)

a tricky start to the day, with a sniffy nose and flies! 

ground was hard

yet, thankful for very supportive friends and loved ones




loving helpful hands to occupy the little one and to help with closing shop

we know God has a purpose :)

off for dimsum lunch!


colours of the rainbow in the market






a sunset + lightning show on a ferris wheel

what a treat

snug and warm having dinner, in the midst of a thunderstorm

a wonderful end to a difficult day


Saturday, September 10, 2016

memories from perth november 2015 (day 2)

australian avocado, which he guzzled

a family pic in pjs


monkeys in the house! dots on the face!

three bags, a little one on my back, a car seat on the stroller, trekking down several streets



off to recce at scarborough beach! but first, a hat for the boy



blue blue blue, have you seen a sky so blue?

white white white, have you seen sand so white?




chasing seagulls, picking seashells, feet in water, tossing sand

bliss, with family, in God’s great handiwork

memories from perth november 2015 (day 1)








a safe flight with snoozing one(s)

delicious beef pie at the airport

warm welcome and cosy place

heartwarming dinner, broken rice

bomba, churros, caramel-sweet moments and funny poses 

fresh, fellowship with J & J

day one full of thanksgivings


Saturday, May 21, 2016

words from the boy that i want to remember (3 years 3 months)

ezra: mama, what sound does a fish make?

mama: Huh? Errrr… I don’t know...

ezra: the fish makes the sound “Huh? Errrrr… I don’t know…”??

mama: ….. 




ezra: mama, where does dragonfruit come from? Is it the poopoo from a dragon?

mama: …...




ezra: mama, I can’t find my XXX toy… do you know where it is? 

mama: ya, I do..

ezra: That’s because you’re a GENIUS right? 

mama: lol!!




mama: (cooked edamame for lunch) here are your peas!

ezra: mama, is this the peas/peace that comes from my heart?

mama: lol!!!



ezra: mama, when i go to heaven, I don’t know how to sing the songs leh….

mama: …. lol!!




ezra: (eating ham and cheese bread and being strangely quiet) 

ezra: mama, does abraham like ham?

mama: …...



ezra: (all of a sudden, holding his hand up) mama, this is an ATAS PENGUIN.

mama: WHAT??




mama: so, did you have fun today at Gardens by the Bay? 

ezra: Ya!

mama: so what did we see today at Garden Spider Bay?

mama & ezra: HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

ezra: i saw…. orange trees at Garden Spider Bay!

mama & ezra: HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

ezra: but mama, i did not see spiderman at Garden Spider Bay!

mama & ezra: HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!




ezra: mama, i love you SO much!

mama: =…) i love you very much too.

ezra: ya, i know.

mama: you do? what does mama do that tells you i love you? 

ezra: hmmm you play with me, you do worksheets with me, and you do things with me, like eat with me… 

mama: =…)




mama: ezra, do you want to take a bullet train? 

ezra: ya, i do!

ezra: (after silence for a while) mama, does a bullet train shoot bullets? 




<< on papa’s birthday, saying a prayer for him >>

ezra: Heavenly Father, thank you that it is papa’s birthday today. thank you also for protecting the cookies and for helping mama even though it was difficult. In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen. 

mama and papa: LOL…. =….)

i have zero abilities in cooking and baking, and met with MANY obstacles with these cookies, which were the brainchild of this little boy. he dictated how to surprise papa, and right down to what the cookies ought to say. thank God though, many times he reminded me: “mama, don’t give up!” 



“take a picture with my hands, mama, it looks nicer that way..” 

Wednesday, March 09, 2016

words from the little boy that i want to remember (3 years old)

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this sweet little one is 3. he doesn’t like cake, hence a cornflake cake for him!



while putting him to sleep...

ezra and mama: (laughing together about something)

ezra: stop laughing mama, if not you will be very exciting and you cannot sleep!

mama: lol!!!! (couldn’t stop laughing…)




ezra: mama, when you cover me with the blanket, can you cover the fan too?

mama: no i can’t, the fan is too dusty. 

ezra: why? Is it because you cannot fit it into the washing machine?




ezra: (chattering on and on about something)

mama: you really talk a lot, don’t you? 

ezra: (kept quiet for awhile) mama, talking is exercising right?




ezra: mama, when i die, will you get me a coffin? 

mama: hmmm, if you die before me, i guess i will...

ezra: then can you get me a coffin that is small and blue because I am short and I am a boy?

mama: …..




papa: what did you learn in sunday school today, ezra?

ezra: i cannot remember.. it came out of my life already….

mama and papa: lol!!!




papa and ezra: (waving bye bye to mama)

mama: (blew ezra a flying kiss)

ezra: (caught the flying kiss) papa, i’ll put the kiss in my pocket now and tonight, when i go to sleep, i’ll take it out and put it in my pyjamas pants pocket...




ezra: i love God and i love Jesus!




PEC is a little quiet at the moment but I am thankful for every moment and every day with this little one. we have been endeavouring to be more involved in teaching him academically as well as spiritually, and there have been joys, thank God! everyday, he says something that makes me grin and i just want to note it all down but my memory fails me! blogging this down is an attempt to help me remember.. PEC can wait, but the growth of this little boy can’t :) 

words from the little boy that i want to remember (2 years old)

(discussing about animals and what animals eat)


ezra: mama, what do fish eat? (asking me to ask him)

mama: what do fish eat?

ezra: fish eat JONAH!




mama: ezra, when you do not obey mama immediately, you make mama sad.

ezra: i want to make mama happy

mama: how do you make mama happy? you obey mama immediately. or you can give mama a hug, tell her you love her very much...

ezra: (gives mama a hug) mama is happy now!




ezra: mama mama mama!

mama: yes?

ezra: please don't disturb me now. eb-ra (ezra) is setting up the goal post net. 

mama: .... ?!?




mama: we will get a bicycle for you one day.. do you know when?

ezra: when i get married? 

mama: ....???

(the correct answer is when he learns to scoot properly..)




ezra: *sits on a kiddy ride in the shape of a car*

mama: where are you going??

ezra: nineveh!




ezra: *sends me a flying kiss*

mama: where should i put the kiss you sent to me?

ezra: in my nature box!




mama: what should you do when you are in trouble?

ezra: look for mama and papa

mama: but what if we are not around to help you? 

ezra: look for auntie liz 

mama: (?!?!?) and what if auntie liz is not around? 

ezra: pray to God, and God will tell me to go and sleep and not move around... 

mama: ....





<3 this boy to bits...