Wednesday, March 09, 2016

words from the little boy that i want to remember (2 years old)

(discussing about animals and what animals eat)


ezra: mama, what do fish eat? (asking me to ask him)

mama: what do fish eat?

ezra: fish eat JONAH!




mama: ezra, when you do not obey mama immediately, you make mama sad.

ezra: i want to make mama happy

mama: how do you make mama happy? you obey mama immediately. or you can give mama a hug, tell her you love her very much...

ezra: (gives mama a hug) mama is happy now!




ezra: mama mama mama!

mama: yes?

ezra: please don't disturb me now. eb-ra (ezra) is setting up the goal post net. 

mama: .... ?!?




mama: we will get a bicycle for you one day.. do you know when?

ezra: when i get married? 

mama: ....???

(the correct answer is when he learns to scoot properly..)




ezra: *sits on a kiddy ride in the shape of a car*

mama: where are you going??

ezra: nineveh!




ezra: *sends me a flying kiss*

mama: where should i put the kiss you sent to me?

ezra: in my nature box!




mama: what should you do when you are in trouble?

ezra: look for mama and papa

mama: but what if we are not around to help you? 

ezra: look for auntie liz 

mama: (?!?!?) and what if auntie liz is not around? 

ezra: pray to God, and God will tell me to go and sleep and not move around... 

mama: ....





<3 this boy to bits... 

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