Wednesday, March 09, 2016

words from the little boy that i want to remember (3 years old)

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this sweet little one is 3. he doesn’t like cake, hence a cornflake cake for him!



while putting him to sleep...

ezra and mama: (laughing together about something)

ezra: stop laughing mama, if not you will be very exciting and you cannot sleep!

mama: lol!!!! (couldn’t stop laughing…)




ezra: mama, when you cover me with the blanket, can you cover the fan too?

mama: no i can’t, the fan is too dusty. 

ezra: why? Is it because you cannot fit it into the washing machine?




ezra: (chattering on and on about something)

mama: you really talk a lot, don’t you? 

ezra: (kept quiet for awhile) mama, talking is exercising right?




ezra: mama, when i die, will you get me a coffin? 

mama: hmmm, if you die before me, i guess i will...

ezra: then can you get me a coffin that is small and blue because I am short and I am a boy?

mama: …..




papa: what did you learn in sunday school today, ezra?

ezra: i cannot remember.. it came out of my life already….

mama and papa: lol!!!




papa and ezra: (waving bye bye to mama)

mama: (blew ezra a flying kiss)

ezra: (caught the flying kiss) papa, i’ll put the kiss in my pocket now and tonight, when i go to sleep, i’ll take it out and put it in my pyjamas pants pocket...




ezra: i love God and i love Jesus!




PEC is a little quiet at the moment but I am thankful for every moment and every day with this little one. we have been endeavouring to be more involved in teaching him academically as well as spiritually, and there have been joys, thank God! everyday, he says something that makes me grin and i just want to note it all down but my memory fails me! blogging this down is an attempt to help me remember.. PEC can wait, but the growth of this little boy can’t :) 

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pp said...

This boy is definitely an audio/verbal communicator, much like his mama!

Thabk God for these records and memories... when God witholds or pauses one areabof life, another blessing is bestowed.

Thank u for all the efforts to teach our son!