Saturday, May 21, 2016

words from the boy that i want to remember (3 years 3 months)

ezra: mama, what sound does a fish make?

mama: Huh? Errrr… I don’t know...

ezra: the fish makes the sound “Huh? Errrrr… I don’t know…”??

mama: ….. 




ezra: mama, where does dragonfruit come from? Is it the poopoo from a dragon?

mama: …...




ezra: mama, I can’t find my XXX toy… do you know where it is? 

mama: ya, I do..

ezra: That’s because you’re a GENIUS right? 

mama: lol!!




mama: (cooked edamame for lunch) here are your peas!

ezra: mama, is this the peas/peace that comes from my heart?

mama: lol!!!



ezra: mama, when i go to heaven, I don’t know how to sing the songs leh….

mama: …. lol!!




ezra: (eating ham and cheese bread and being strangely quiet) 

ezra: mama, does abraham like ham?

mama: …...



ezra: (all of a sudden, holding his hand up) mama, this is an ATAS PENGUIN.

mama: WHAT??




mama: so, did you have fun today at Gardens by the Bay? 

ezra: Ya!

mama: so what did we see today at Garden Spider Bay?

mama & ezra: HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

ezra: i saw…. orange trees at Garden Spider Bay!

mama & ezra: HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

ezra: but mama, i did not see spiderman at Garden Spider Bay!

mama & ezra: HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!




ezra: mama, i love you SO much!

mama: =…) i love you very much too.

ezra: ya, i know.

mama: you do? what does mama do that tells you i love you? 

ezra: hmmm you play with me, you do worksheets with me, and you do things with me, like eat with me… 

mama: =…)




mama: ezra, do you want to take a bullet train? 

ezra: ya, i do!

ezra: (after silence for a while) mama, does a bullet train shoot bullets? 




<< on papa’s birthday, saying a prayer for him >>

ezra: Heavenly Father, thank you that it is papa’s birthday today. thank you also for protecting the cookies and for helping mama even though it was difficult. In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen. 

mama and papa: LOL…. =….)

i have zero abilities in cooking and baking, and met with MANY obstacles with these cookies, which were the brainchild of this little boy. he dictated how to surprise papa, and right down to what the cookies ought to say. thank God though, many times he reminded me: “mama, don’t give up!” 



“take a picture with my hands, mama, it looks nicer that way..”