Thursday, February 26, 2009

photo fun

people i can think of who will like this: joan!

who just got a new "toy" and has lots of fun taking shots like "jocelyn" whohasatail,poofyeyelashesandaneasytimebrushingherteethbecausesheonlyhastwo. (if u don't understand this, its fine because its an internal joke :)

cool sites to edit ur photos and just have some fun :)


the above is done on PhotoFunia which is so simple and straightfoward. just select the effect u like (which is clearly demonstrated with pics), 0upload ur picture and out pops the editted version! ta-daaaaa~

Big Huge Labs is another site with fun things! in here, u can...


create ur own motivational poster here..

fx1007084 fx5429203  

fx5237003 fx3578929

this is a simple alternative to photoshop, for simple filters and sepia, negative, sketching, negative (etc) effects.

u can do other things like create ur jigsaw puzzle, make ur own mosiac, put ur face on a magazine cover...have fun :) but don't get too distracted! ;)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

not only i have a new toy :D

wow this is so cool! i shall try to play with some of my photos.. :P