Friday, October 17, 2008

Taking the SBS & the MRT

SBS means: Bus in Singapore

MRT means: Train in Singapore

Today was a long time in a while that i took the public transport. although the weather was hot, humid and i was not feeling too well, i saw two nice things..

1. An lone elderly old man, who in spite of his wrinkles and aviator (i.e. old fashioned) spectacles, was distinguished and spoke perfect english. He wore khaki pants a collared tshirt, and on brown sports jacket. His hair was neatly combed. What caught my attention?

He made the effort to talk to everyone who sat next to him.

Throughout my 40 min train ride, the people who sat next to him received warm smiles and little questions. It's interesting to see how they respond. Some just give him weird looks. but the ones that are open are the ones who really had a good conversation with him, and probably could alight the train feeling like someone made their day.
It's sad how aloof Singaporeans can sometimes be, carried away with their own busyness to even smile to someone who stands beside. it jus takes a smile, doesn't it? :)

2. I saw this:

and many other noble mummies who, in the sweltering heat, carry their loved young ones, on top of bags of groceries and what-looked-like-a-lot-of-things..

very sweet~

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