Wednesday, October 15, 2008

clay earrings

just to share a little bit on my past, I used to be very much into polymer clay! here are some of my humble works :) check out more on my flickr.

I do miss having the time to come up with all these lovely little things! *deep breath* when my holidays starts….. *deep breath* im going to start hyperventilating from the excitement! I cant wait!
On a serious note, I am very thankful for this gift that God has given me. I dun want to be proud and boastful. I just want to acknowledge and be thankful for being able to create things that are "not too bad" looking :) but what can I do with this gift? It seems like something that is not very spiritual, or able to reach out to others. Lord, please direct me. Let me use what you have given me in the way you want me to use it!

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Anonymous said...

i am praying with you, and may He answer our prayers for His name sake!