Thursday, October 27, 2011

im one half


as a pastor has said before, marriage is a time when "two become one". and if separated after that, each individual is not longer one, but half. PP has been away for one and a half weeks thus far, and more than ever, i feel like im one half :/ im not moping of course. separation is a good time of quietness for myself, to think, reflect...and also to channel the time to my other friends and loved ones :) so thank God, for His perfect timing, for His sustenance, for His goodness and blessings. of course, i miss him a lot, resorting to even sleeping on his side of the bed. im definitely looking forward to his return, and it's a comfort to receive support through him in his little creative ways :)

Photo 2


to the dear ones who ask of me and support me in little ways, thank u too..

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pp said...

Absence does make the heart (of the other one half) grow fonder..God has been merciful2sustain us. And He will make ALL things Beautiful in His time.

Thks to all who hv shown your lvoe n support in ur own special way..

'Till we meet' again me beloved one half.