Sunday, March 08, 2009

we're engaged!

PP and i got engaged on 20th feb formally. it was a small event with loved ones over at PP's place, giving thanks and rejoicing for what God has done for us. truly, God has done an amazing work with us, two unworthy and undeserving creatures...

towards the end, we spent some time having a "photoshoot" with our loved friends (i.e. the younger pple la haha!). i love the photos. thank u joce for being our photographer! i tink ure a great one leh. getting up there soon ;)


the only photo of my beloved 姐 whom i sometimes tink ive been quite bad to :(

and we tried to achieve this:


and we got this!


haha! followed by many other fun shots :)


and so many other sweet shots of us with our friends tt ill prefer nt to post up here in case they mind. but ill be looking at them for a very long time :) thank God for the time tt we had. God showed tt He truly cld supply for all our need, even when we were concerned abt the budget/catering for the dinner. but He gave more than sufficient for us! we are so thankful for tt :)


Anonymous said...

"But my God shall supply all you need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus." Philippians 4:19

Yes much has been experienced and learnt through this engagement. Remembering what our pastor said "enter into marriage with both eyes wide open". yet doing it all with love, as in the sacrificial/unconditional love of Christ:) May God help us

Anonymous said...

if anyone has the ancient costume, do lend us:) i think my fiancee is reli looking forward2 wearing it... (oops, im in trouble) :)

Esther Tan Lixin said...

i had a friend who really did it! it was those very traditional wedding gowns with big puffy sleeves and she did those agogo buns! it was a sepia shot!

Anonymous said...

I WILL NEVER DO TT la! dun listen to my fiance. just becos he's dying to do so he wants me to join him :P nt when ive gt a terrible phobia for all things CHINESE!

Esther Tan Lixin said...

hwy girl,
elvin and i sat in front of the com and finished reading all your entries! hahaha.. =)
Very inspiring!
We also discovered something! Elvin is a PP too! cos I call him Puipui sometimes! haha.. Our husbands are all PP! what does ur PP means?

Anonymous said...

you're most welcome ah ma!! haha..m not that good la..glad you like the pics,could have done better..heh..let's jia you together yup yup? and really happy that you're officially God daily and trust that He'll do everything Perfectly in His Perfect time!! =))