Sunday, March 08, 2009

giveaway results!

so today was the end of the giveaway...and im sorry im a few hours late!



the sweet people who gave brilliant joan's: to put measurements (why did i ever not tink of tt? mayb i was lazy :P )

so, i got the best salesman of FITW to do the picking. he's handsome, great, charasmatic and does not drink enuf water. he's my..... brother!


here's what he picked..



congratulations johanna! thank u for ur feedback abt how some of the drawings appeared "blurr" because i used a different kind of marker. thank u also for ur sweet works of encouragement! i will keep working hard :) a mail is on the way to ur mailbox, to ask for ur address ;)


Anonymous said...

Thank God for being a channel of blessing! truly a joy to give away the wonderful creations enabled by the Lord! *jiau* me fiancee!

Anonymous said...

oh ya and ur bro is reli a great salesman...not like me, spend two days at bazaar but din sell a single thing!haha...maybe they think im the security guard *watching-with-an-eagle-eye*