Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Report - Bazaar Day 2 (3rd March)

today was a most lovely day! it din start off too well, but it ended sweetly and i thank God.

PP and i reached about 9.30am in the morning and planned to slowly set up and have breakfast before officially opening. however, before we had time to fill our tummies, we were pleasantly surprised by 2 sweet girls (amelia and margaret i tink?) who made the first purchases of the day!

while we were very happy and thankful, thing took a slight downturn when the clouds came and it started pouring so heavily..so much so that we had to "close shop" and keep all the stuff under a big green curtain (doesn't tt sound yucky?) so they wld not get wet :(

the clouds..


u cld tell the sun was still shining and know somehow tt the rain wld stop..but for that good half hour, i was so worried and sad.

what cld God be trying to tell us?

Be patient, my child..

the rain soon stopped and upon reflecting, it was such a blessing because we cld enjoy the whole day in lovely natural air-conditioning!

thereafter, throughout the day, many sweeeeet people came by, buying random things and also showing so much love for my lovely friend esther's shoes! some pple that i rembr meeting: tiffany (who bought the laptop bag which i tink is one of the NICEST!), hidayah, faiz (?) - these three were really cute and funny :) than there's so many more but i can't rembr their names. then the highlight of the day: PP's mummy and brother came down... =...)


only 4 pairs of her shoes left! (not including the funky strawberry ones). i just can't put in words how much i enjoy doing this :)

note to self: i did not realise that the school uniform earrings would be such a hit! since u guys have been so pleasantly surprised by it, ill make more, and sell them cheap still..(profits are not my primary concern). leave a comment if u'd like ur school uniform made and if possible, provide advice on the little details that i might miss out:)


packing up and going home...


Anonymous said...

it has been indeed a very blessed experience dese past two days in the bazaar. we have also learnt much and seen the extra goodness of our God. Looking forward to more of such times, as He enables. bfeae:)

Esther Tan Lixin said...

thank you so much for blessing me in such a way! Still amazed at how God works, bring us together and now our partners! So cool! =)