Monday, March 02, 2009

Report: Bazaar Day 1 - 2nd March!

a big HARLOW and THANK YOU to all of you who have lovingly came by (whether by accident or not) to take a look the stuff! :) i reli enjoyed making them and i hope u enjoyed looking at them!

the sky when PP and i set off in the morning :)


setting up the place...







tml will be the last day of the bazaar! the rest of the things will be posted on my shoppe. but buy them at the bazaar! the prices have been cut and u get to enjoy using them right away ;)

when PP and i left, this is what we saw! again!


what could God be trying to tell us?

Not to forget Him...

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Anonymous said...

as we look back, each day was very much controlled and ordered by the Lord. let's keep walking by faith and let God sustain His fitw:)