Tuesday, March 24, 2009

bundle of joy (:

knowing that i had a long day yesterday, PP decided to perk my day up with this :)


Kinder JOY! the old-school version is known as Kinder Surprise and had a hard chocolate shell. this comes two plastic halves and a little spoon to scoop up the nutella-like cream :)

PP thought that i would find it too sweet and i did, so i spread them on oat biscuits. if u ask me, Meiji Plain Crackers would complement them really well :)


this is mokku.



he likes to stand on his head and flip around because he's a 不倒翁 (budaowong)  :) go try it or get it for someone you love. it wld really make their day :) :)

and yes, PP calls me laopo2be :) :)


Anonymous said...

haha, thank God you like the JoY-ToY as i call it:) me toy is 'dino', cant post pictures here, so maybe me laopo2be will post it on me behalf:)

Anonymous said...

hahaha.. 你们在晒幸福哦?

carol said...

i love the laopo2be part. uber sweeeeet! :) :)