Sunday, March 15, 2009



what do you do when lighting is poor and ur photos are all poorly taken and u can't wait to try to yummy mango sago? you use POLADROID la! lol :)

anyway, 姐 made my favouritest and yummylicious dessert with the recipe i told her about from here. and since she asked for feedback, and im a totally qualified person with professional experience (lol), ill give you a write up!

what was good:

almost everything la! the syrup is not too milky although you tot so, 姐. although im surely not a big fan of milk, the syrup had a nice milky aftertaste and it also made it not so sweet, which is just the way i like it :) and the mango is great! the previous time i tried this recipe, i bought 2 mangos that were unripe and sour, while the other 2 were over-ripe and too soft. ur mangos are just right babe, tts reli wat matters most i tink:)

what was bad?

the pomelo was sour leh :( so it kinda spoils the taste alil..but its bearable la, esp when u eat it with the mango :) however, im the kind of person who saves the best for the last (are u?), so the mangos are last for me! 姐, how long did u cook the sago for? it was just right but cld do with abit more chewiness :)

if ure a cooking type of person (i.e. like AUNTIE!!!!!), go try this out! and if ure as nice as 姐, i dun mind trying some and giving u constructive feedback *muahahaha* ;)


Anonymous said...

hahah..auntie will try it one day for ah ma to critique!! careful i add "special" ingredient!! hahah..anw..have a good week ahead!! =))

Anonymous said...

i'm gonna try it! love mango pudding! gonna ask my dad to get some good ones for me to start! =)

igotshot said...

da jie!

you never make for me to try? hahaha.
Lets meet up soon anyway.

mabel xiaomei

esther said...

esther to auntie: auntie quick make it for me! lol. den ill recover immediately ;) haha. 1 more day to the end of ur attachment!!

esther said...

esther to auntie 2/lixin: try it try it! invite PP and me over to ur plc after tt hehe! im sure ur dad's mangos will be superb! save cost also (mangoes nowadays are really expensive...)

esther said...

esther to xiaomei:
heeeey! shall we meet on the second week on april? my holidays start i tink :) haha...