Friday, March 13, 2009

island creamery mudpie

do u know what it LOOKS like to be over passionate about mudpie at Island Creamery?


let me out of here, i need my mudpie fix...


yikes im so excited im going to fall off my chair! (tis is for real)


oh no did u really catch all that on the camera?


let me pose nicely now before i tuck into my yummy mudpie~



now u c it..


now u dun!

ok...abit of exaggeration here. just a disclaimer... tts not me ya..its the other, ah-hem, me..the one who goes abit crazy, talks too much and has super alot of blackmailable shots. the real me is usually very composed, rather shy, and very very lady-like. right.

i was glad to have an accidental treat today after night class at FEBC with JH and PP :) since there was a jam (haha secret joke!), JH suggested eating at island creamery which of cos i agreeed since ive not eaten there for a long time! ok, i got a confession to make. ive not tried the ice cream before. the only thing ive REALLY eaten from there is the mudpie. its so good, there is no need to try anything else ;) go try it if u haven!

let me explain myself alil: i was leaning closer to JH to take a pic when my chair suddenly lost its balance! so JH was trying to catch me while i regained my composure. and PP took the shot :X

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