Tuesday, September 20, 2011

bazaar pictures

thank God for sustaining us through the bazaar. it was a really lovely experience, meeting all the lovely people! i can't help but feel that there is this strange connection i share with my customers. i love how we both share an appreciation of pretty things, and i am also very thankful for their sweet support in many ways!

here are some pictures :)







see this sweet, pretty wooden crate? i tried sourcing for one but it was rather tough :/ unexpectedly, PP built one for me from scratch, using wooden planks from daiso! :)

learnt much, as with every time. looking forward to the next one already :)

姐,Z, J + ZH, XW+HL, 真的感谢你们下来支持我。 被你们的爱心与关怀感动了!