Tuesday, September 27, 2011

secret tip for hydrangea bouquets :)

i have always looooonged to have hydrangeas for my wedding bouquet. to my dismay, after doing some research, i found out that hydrangeas perish really quickly and it would not be able to last half the day. so, on my wedding day, i was expecting baby's breath or white roses. to my joy, the florist (working with my bridal studio) gave me what i wanted, teaching us a secret tip!

"keep the flowers in the fridge. just before you take it out for the day, throw the hydrangeas into a pail of water for a few minutes... and they will look like fresh blooms...!"

Emerson  Esther  day 011

and they did :) thereafter, my darling groom-to-be wrapped it in coral blue ribbon and pasted a sweet little heart on it to fit our theme :) the sweet florist also sprayed sky blue paint on PP's corsage of baby's breath to match my bouquet :)

and since we are on details, here's close-ups of my dress and shoes...

Emerson  Esther  day 012

Emerson  Esther  day 014

Emerson  Esther  day 037

shoe soles say "happiness starts here", from Beverly Feldman (bought them from Hue in Raffles City). how apt :)

Photo credits: Bryan Jean Photography

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pp said...

Indeed "happiness starts here" and I pray that the Lord will enable me to remember this wonderful day so that i can "rejoice with the wife of thy youth" all the rest of my days.

thank God for all these posts, they are such great testimonies and reminders!