Saturday, September 29, 2012

a birthday party with ♥

what makes a fantastic birthday party? is it the theme, where people will find ways to means to dress up, get props, and bring out the theme as best as they can? perhaps it's the games, and the amount of uproarious laughter that emits from it? well, my nephew's birthday party was a memorable, lovely and precious time. not the theme, not the games, nor the children. it was a time of fellowship, and thanksgiving, and plenty of ♥ as we pondered on the blessings we had received and hoped for, for the cute little boy. quality time was spent as a family, as we shared and recounted God's blessings!

the thanksgiving time started with a gorgeous sunset, a testimony of God's providence and goodness. 


im sure you will be able to guess the theme from the photos that are to follow :) here's our invitation :)


the little boy, wearing the hand-drawn polo, also don by his parents :)



a little note from us, to the little boy... of our hopes and prayers for him when he grows up!


we got rainbow-coloured brollies as door gifts! yippee! a note with a meaningful song on it (which we sang together) was attached to them :)





the boy LOVES balloons! animal balloons :)


look how happy he is with them!


can a noah's ark theme do without a rainbow? :)

his AMAZING birthday cake! made by Room for Dessert :)


he was SO enamoured by it :)


are you looking for someone to give you a hand in planning a party? as you can see, my very talented can-do-anything-u-can-think-of superwoman of a sister has done a brilliant job heehee ;)   


Olive said...

love the umbrella brollies, invites, balloons, deco, tee, venue, and cake! lovelovelove! <3 (: your sister sure knows how to source for stuff, and make parties happen!(: Thank God.

esther said...

hi Olive! ;) :)
yes, thank God indeed for a blessed time! may God also continue to use your blog for His glory!