Thursday, January 08, 2009

label making!

harlow everyone! hajimemashite! (how do you do?)

today is label making day :)

here are the things u will need/i needed :)

* inkjet transfer paper/tshirt print paper/transfer film (they have all kinds of names!) available at Popular (Bras Basah) or any other arty farty shops

* scissors (i got my trusty singer one!)

* cloth (i used white/beigey cloth which i boht from IKEA at $5 a metre)

* a iron


this is the brand that i use. it does not turn yellow so much upon ironing (tho still alil as most do so-what ive gathered from my experience).

okie, i shall put the instructions down in a systematic manner:

1. design ur logo! u can do it with photoshop/powerpoint/paint-whichever works for you

2. save what u designed as an image, and copy paste it, squeezing as many as you can on 1 a4 sheet. remember to leave space for sewing margins so u can attach ur label without marring ur logo :)

3. print it on the transfer paper! some types require u to print a mirror image but the one i used (see above) does not.

4. time to go to the iron!

5. iron the cloth first.

6. peel off the transfer film, place it on the cloth. if possible, place a hard surface beneath the cloth (ironing board cover is too soft and may lead to crumples on transfer paper)

7. Cover the film with tracing paper and iron for a few minutes (go with ur gut feeling...)

8. cut cut cut :)




makes about 54 :) im planning to sew these on the purses/bags etc that i sell (in the very near future!)

alternatively, if ure lazy, u could try the stamping method :) PP lovingly carved me a fitw stamp! see how talented he is? :)



thank PP! i reli love it very much! :) but i cant use it yet cos i do not have the stamping pad '''-_-


Anonymous said...

Its a joy and privilege to be able to do up sumthing nice for you:) Thank god for giving you so many talents too! By faith...Keep pressing on! oh i i tink the labels are really vnice&pro!

B l E i N z Y said...

yeah, i think so too! how abt some marketing of ur works to organisations!?

Granville Lochrico said...

The labels are so cute! They are absolutely perfect when sewn on bags and clothes. I'm certain that once on your beautiful bags, they will become a best-seller!