Tuesday, January 20, 2009


most people paint on canvas. some on shoes (go check out my lovely friend's online shop!). ive tried tt, but my most (exciting) project was painting on my freshly painted walls :)


this was the initial design (blush, yes. i doodled when i was bored in class, hence my notes)

Work-in-progress 1


Work-in-progress 2


Work-in-progress 3



DSC03098 DSC04343

i love it :) i did it with the help of a PROJECTOR, which was once again, PP's brilliant idea :)

lessons learnt:

- don't be afraid to try! if u are, ull never get about doing it ;)

- a normal (small) paintbrush works just fine, and helps in making the mural more detailed.

- choose a design ull not get sick of! (in case ure wondering, im not sick of it la...i love it still!!)

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Anonymous said...

Looking at this...how amazing and wonderful it wil be wen it comes to our own house:) In His Time!