Tuesday, January 20, 2009

second dress ^_^

kore wa nan desu ka?

hajimemashite! (how do you do?)

are wa watashi no (dress) desu ka? (is that your dress?)

hai! watashi no (dress) desu! (yes, that is my dress!)

that's what i learnt today in japanese class :) and yes, that is the second dress sewn. we needed a white dress to go with a scarf for our "choir uniform" while presenting handel's messiah during Christmas. because i did not have much time, i really intended to buy one. however, all my shoppings were to no avail as i could not find anything nice, or valued for its price. so...TA-DAH! (more pictures of it worn next time!)

i used this lovely book: Dress made of my favourite cloth by Machiko Kayaki (ISBN978-4-579-11190-9). here are some pictures of the lovely eye kyandi (candy) from this book :)






not forgetting this of course, even though its on the cover page (understandaby so!)



the top of the dress. i did not include the part of the lining (though i cut it out) as the fabric i used (cotton) was thick enough. i cheated quite abit! i did not really understand some of the instructions so i tried to figure my way around, especially since its my first time sewing a dress with a ZIP.

lessons learnt:

- don't give up!

- the lining of the top half of the dress comes in handy when concealing the zip ends

- keep trying the dress as you sew! you'll have a better idea of the outcome you want :)

- try sewing in at the sides of the dress if it is too loose

- check if both sides of the fabric are the same! although it is not really visible, the top half of the dress (being the underside) frayed more easily. i did not realise that till it was too late :P if u tried anything from this book, care to share? :) id love to hear about your endeavours :)

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B l E i N z Y said...

u mean u sewed the white dress?! phoa! I'M IMPRESSED!