Sunday, January 04, 2009

my first japanese book attempt :)

i have a special spot for japanese craft books! PP gave me my very first book, which is this. and it has led to several more like this, this and more recently, this! don't you just love the cover? im buying this in preparation for sewing flower girl dresses :)


and i got many more! haha. silly? considering i do not even know how to read japanese? :)

so here was the first project i wanted to embark on: i don't know if its a dress or a top. well, since the english title read "layered one piece", this was good for layering.  pair it with a sweater, tights and ballet flats and you're good to go:)



i was afraid! and pretty much lost at some points of time...but i began to learn.. :) and here's the end result! with a fabric button too :)


DSC04297 DSC04306

couple it with a belt and this is what you get :)


P1020029 P1020030

P1020032 P1020037

that's my red shoes that i heart heart heart alot :) and tt's PP's feet, which i love :) thank God for yet another accomplished project. i learnt patience through it. while working on it, i thought the end product would be a disaster, but it turned out ok. anyone who is interested in working on this, but is lost or stuck, feel free to drop me a mail! i'll be glad to help/offer some advice... :)

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Anonymous said...

"Strength and honour are her clothing; and she shall rejoice in time to come" proverbs 31: 25

Thank God for giving you this gift, you will indeed make a good wife. keep persevering as the Lord enables you to do all these for His glory.

It is such a privilege to buy the first book for you!