Tuesday, February 03, 2009

online handicraft thing

madam asked me more about this "online handicraft thing", so i shall talk more about it ;) madam, are u touched that this post is dedicated to u? haha...
i started experimenting with polymer clay sometime back.. it was never something i aimed to master, but somehow, i enjoy very much the creation process and am indeed very thankful for God's goodness in helping me do such things..
from making of gifts, to people repeatedly commenting that i ought to sell my stuff, plus having alot of free time, i decided to set up a selling blog, just for fun...ex-address? http://www.kwayka-works.blogspot.com/. it is now a barren land with minimal reminders of my past hahahahhaha...but nice dear joan helped me make my blog look nice-nice :) thank u joan! and the school uniform earrings were a great hit!
did many other schools' but my camera last time sooooo koyak, all my photos are blurr~ need a.. *** haha!more of my creations can be seen here..


as for now, im working on it! the online shop's link can be found here..but nothing is up for sale because im still in the midst of preparation. why "flower in the wilderness"? explained in some time back here. im really excited actually! :) haha...when its all ready, ill send out a mail~ ^.^


B l E i N z Y said...

wa, wat a privilege! actually i've also had the inspiration to do some online thingy, but never rlly quite got down to it nor knew wat i'd wanted to sell.

hey, a sudden wild idea! - schools are a great target to sell these personalised stuff. we cld partner - me get the contacts u come up w the pdts! exciting huh?! ke.. well well, lets graduate first! =)

Anonymous said...

make my school one! but anyway i dont where earrings hmmm.. hehe