Wednesday, April 01, 2009

food edition #1

every week, PP and i try to budget and allow ourselves one meal that exceeds $15. not that we are professional foodies, or we go around eating good food.. but we appreciate nice places and food we tink are yummy! i tink eating is one of the things that we probably do the most on our dates haha! we don't watch movies, we don't bowl, we don't KTV (err wats tt?). but we EAT!

this is where we went some weeks ago :) the reviews ain't that good but PP and i like it for the fuss-free-ness (pardon the horrible english) and the convenience! plus we love the San Katong Laksa at Holland Village too :)




this place is ideal for small gatherings. with two types of soup (laksa and chicken), various preferences can be met. the laksa soup is not too spicy, milky enough and tastes good enough with the thick bee hoon. but i like the chicken soup more :) while some people feel ripped off, PP and i like it that the meat is sliced so thinly, making it more tender :) and to make things more exciting, PP and i will... *secret thing* which i tink probably only WX and HL know about ;)

be careful if you drive though, parking can be a major problem! yet, somehow, God always provides a parking lot for us :)

the food place:

404 Telok Blangah Road. turn into a short stretch of shophouses (just behind the bus-stop) for some parking lots.

after your meal? head down to Keppel Island for a nice breezy walk and maybe enjoy a dessert at TCC :)


joan:) said...

wow food looks good! i'm stuck in school everyday and cant be bothered to go down to the canteen so i just wait for others to buy me food.. :P

good to have someone to eat with ;)

pp said...

this is a good eating place as it caters to people who like to eat spicy and those who do not. but it can get a little noisy/echo-y when the place is full. thank God for allowing us to share this little 'food-secret' place with you!

esther said...

esther-joan: we'll go out for a meal one day! eat with me! ure hinting for us to buy food for you right? lol... :)