Tuesday, April 28, 2009

infinity dress

with inspiration from here and here, i wanted to try out sewing an "infinity dress", also known as a convertible dress. so i scouted around for tutorials and found two from here and here. here is the result :)



it is rather simple to make with a maximum of 2-3 seams depending on the method that u use. however, it has many raw edges so it cannot be scrutinised :P im pondering if this is a good solution for bridesmaid dresses cos jiemeis can then choose the style that they like and tie it any way they like...but.... hmmm....still have some considerations :)

on a lighter note, PP and i went to the marina barrage, as recommended by AUNTIE and YM :) it was really nice! an lovely mix of excellent infrastructure and nice green grass :) it was a good and timely break, because PP had spent the week studying for his exams. we tried to fly a kite but hmmm...not too successful. not that there was no wind but our kite was lousy and broken :(

still, we had a good time recce-ing the place, so that we can go there with someone else next time...? :) who's on? haha...u must be ready to do jump shots if ure on ;)



pp said...

Flying or not, the string to the kite is never broken.

Yet soon the kite must take to the skies. bfeae... :)

auntie said...

i'm ON!! but now no HOLIDAYS and you're starting work!!!! =( haha..enjoy the time you have left..i can lend you my kite next time!! haha =)