Tuesday, May 05, 2009


姐,did you know that we have appeared on newspaper before? haha, we're famous! LOL :) according to the journalist, he says: 6 岁的林恩慧林恩玮两姐妹,也是其中未来小画家。


this is such an unexpected and funny discovery. i was going thru our childhood photos, and i wanted to scan in this when i discovered the article underneath :)


anyways, something has been accomplished, and it surprisingly matches with what we were wearing 21 years ago! :)



i hope you like it! i literally bled while working on this :p  ive always feared that the sewing machine needle would one day go thru my finger and my fears came thru today :( but well, i truly enjoyed the process, sewing and thinking back on some of our memories (maybe that's how i poked my finger heehehe). thank God for a sister like you. sisters forever! haha!


Esther Tan Lixin said...

man.. I dunno who to make! =( I always end up cooking for my sis instead. hahah.. =)
See ya on the 12th!

Anonymous said...

I can't enlarge the photo so i can't read what the article says, haha.

you looked so cute when you were small! and the bag is so pretty!! :D



pp said...

*disney-princess-plaster* for you:)