Monday, May 18, 2009

highlight of the week

started work last week and it was not too easy adjusting to the working hours and the new environment. nonetheless, i thank God for how He has sustained me! thank God for the lessons learnt and the very apt reminder given during YF. hai, esther, you are so nervous and so worried and so scared, and yet, you don't trust God! you have forgotten to "wait upon the Lord" to renew your strength.

its so true. i have failed to pray in the many moments that i am afraid. this, in spite of reminding JH during the week of Psa 56:3 "What time I am afraid, I will trust in thee." well, a new week is dawning, and this also means a fresh start. may we jiau together! im saying this to PP, JH and the many loved ones and YFers who struggle together with me in the Christian walk/faithful fight (tot of you, joan!).

let me try to count my blessings :) i was very glad to be in church today, and simply do nothing but worship God. Psalms 84:10  For a day in thy courts is better than a thousand. I had rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God, than to dwell in the tents of wickedness. after a week of busyness, fatigue and having to adapt to so many things, being in the house of God brought much peace to my heart, reminding me once again of who i am, and who God is.

another highlight of the week was...*drumroll*...haha, meeting up with E and E! on 120509, 1930H, the 4 Es embarked on a top secret operation, foraging for the best food in town! lol :)


well, PP and I heard about "The French Stall" and so we decided to explore the place together, lah. outcome? its was sedap, yummy, 太好吃了, おいしいですね!im sure E and E agrees, ya? :) great company with great food, that's pretty much one of the best combinations you can get :) and this one of the most sporting couples, ever ready with the most fantastical poses!


so hungry that their faces have slimmed down..


the place, a mix of vintage, old-school, retro and english inspired decor. i was saying that it was a little too random for me. a brick wall in the middle of nowhere (??!!)


the garlic bread smothered with loooooots of garlic and UGCS! UGCS - Unindentified Green Colour Stuff ^_^


the GIANT profiterole with ice cream! we strategically coordinated our set meal orders so we wld have 4 kinds of desserts ;) although the profiterole looks the most impressive, we thought that the souffle was the best! not too sweet and had the softest texture. eat it fast if you try it the next time! it seemed turn slightly bitter after while :)

the main courses were excellent. Mr. E loved the steak. he kept gushing about how fantastic it was, even while we were having the desserts. i had dory fish and PP had chicken leg. not many pictures because we were too busy devouring the food LOL :)


Mr. E preventing his jaw from dropping hee!


see how hilarious they are? :)

we had a great time with the two of you! thank you for the laughter you guys have brought to us in the midst of the busy week! LX, stay SANE! :)

here's the address: 544 Serangoon Road. the price is rather steep so we would recommend you visit this place on a "special occasion". the french stall does adopt a "no frills" policy, hence no aircon, reservations, or over-the-top services. as a result, the food is slightly more affordable. their website does offer directions if you do not drive :) the link can be found above~


Esther Tan Lixin said...

huh? sane? what? hello? bzzzz... huh? i'm lixin. BZZZZ.... I am.. ah.. BZZZZ... Lalalala...

I think i need to try harder to stay sane.


pp said...

that was a nice and quiet place-off the beaten track i suppose:) we were also fearful that the hafa-car might have been impelled by a wooden plank due to sumtg silly i said hehe:p

Anonymous said...

(:(: JIAYOU!!

this is really nanyang you know? i used to say it alot.