Tuesday, July 21, 2009


there are so many "major" happenings that i wish to update you all about, but alas, time forbids me! haha. just a short picture post of my graduation!


PP knows me best and bought me one stalk of daisy. i really cannot stand the sight (and smell) of a bunch of flowers withering away so this is the best alternative! and that is my handsome brother!


i really really like this photo.. :)


and how can we not tk candid shots? :)



shot of the day!


how do i feel? i guess the best word to describe would be "relief". i din flunk or do anything disastrous, considering how much i hate studying! thank God...so much...

to those who are still studying, ur time will come~! but it really isn't a big thing to look forward to, because studying gives u alot more freedom than u have while working :)

1 comment:

pp said...

Gracious God
Reminding His children about
All that He has
Done for
And how
Tomorrow is already in His
Everlasting plan

Thank God for this step in life! thank God for allowing me to be a part of your life:)