Wednesday, July 22, 2009

jumps jumps jumps!!!!!!

*jumping-in-excitement!!!!!!* haha.ull know why at the end of this post :)

for those who know us, this post will probably enlighten u pretty much about PP and i :)


PP bought this calendar for me on my 22nd birthday. when i first received it, i felt confused because i don't know what he expects me to do with it. however, it has now turned out to be a very lovely, and important part in our walk together..where at the start of each month, we reshuffle the calendar, giving thanks for what is over and committing the coming month to Him in prayer.



special dates get special red backings! and for this month (july), the number 20 has a special red backing BECAUSE....its the day we chose our flat!!!!!!!!! and we got a flat!!!!!!!ahhhhhhhhhhH!!!!!!!!! im sitting down, very cool and calm on the surface as i type this..but seriously, i feel like jumping around crazily! haha. mad woman.

well, there is feedback about the distance, the pricing etc...humph...HL, sometimes i feel like u did after all the aunties commented about ur purchase :( wel, whatever it is, God has led us there and that is where we will be. and MADAM was way much more excited than we were la haha!! in her own words: COOL! welcome to the WONDERFUL northeastern part of Singapore! lolol... :)


Lord, we are so undeserving of this. thank u for ur provision each step of the way. help us to use what u have given us, to be a blessing to others!


aunite said...

hahah..are you sure you're cool and calm!! Thank God!! God's timing is perfect.Glad you guys found a place you like.
just open your house for more housewarming sessions, makan sessions, DURIAN sessions..will be blessing to us already...haaha...kidding la!the testimony of how you all went about deciding on the flat is a already a blessing to us, thank God for your faith!! =))
looking forward to seeing you and MADAM hopping around tmr!! haha..
see ya

ahma said...

LOL! haha!!! if ure willing to come over, den we will always open our house, ANYTIME LOR! u want to stay over? we will reserve our toilet for u, but u have to share it with ahjijan haha!

somehow, it just means sooo much when our loved ones rejoice with us. thank u so much auntie! haha! i hope hope hope to hop to PM tml! have soooo much work grrrrr :( tel u more when i see u!

pp said...

"For I know the thoughts that i think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you an expected end...And ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall search for m with all your heart." Jeremiah 29: 11 & 13

Indeed God's end is always the best, and it has been so wonderful how He has led us each step of the way. teaching us the lesson of patiently waiting for the Lord. and it is definitely true that God will be foudn by all who seek Him, just must know that God is sovereign and He does not 'work' on our timings...He works above them!

There may be trials and difficulties as you seek His will, as we have and still are experiencing, but with the Lord the end is always expected. For "all things work together for good..." how else can things be?:) we were not expecting to get an additional grant, but God was so gracious! may we cont to love the Lord in all things!

Hope that the hafa-car will last us to travel to punggol, till we are able to get a new one!heh:) in His time!

Anonymous said...

PUNGGOL?!?!?! SO FARRRRR?!?! that means i can't get rides home after night classes anymore? ):):

heh thank God you all found a flat. you didn't reply my sms! or maybe i didn't reply.. must invite me to your house warming yes?? and i don't mind visiting now and then!! HAH! next time you'll have to give me ang baos! :D ehh i miss you! see you soon!