Sunday, October 04, 2009

happy children's day!




im glad children's day is (almost) over but i reli enjoyed preparing for it with PP :) somehw, we kinda like this "factory-style" making of little things for people...its quite satisfactory and meaningful la! :)

i tot i did a tutorial here but now that i look at it, it does not seem very helpful, so i shall elaborate more. the materials i used can be found here..i also bought "made with love" bronze charms which i purchased from Lai Guan Beads Mart (also at People's Park).

to use the shrink plastic, you first need to learn how to print on an A5 sheet of paper:) thats easily done using PPT. after clicking print, go to properties and change the paper size :) test print on a draft paper first!!remember also to print it 20-30% brighter (use your own discretion) because the colour becomes more solid after shrinking:)

cut cut cut the different rectangles up (i fitted 9 per sheet). punch the holes at the corners and cut curved edges if you like. then, put to bake while keeping a watchful eye on it. the moment it stops moving/shrinking-turn off the oven/toaster! let it cool/harden,hook up the handphone strap with the charm and you are good to go!~

p.s. i need to make a few more for some students who popped up! i make it in batches of 9 and ive got so many empty "slots". would u like one, or give a friend one? let me know if you do! i can customise the message at the back too~ if not, it will read: "Its a joy to have you in my class :) Happy Children's Day!"


pp said...

wat an un-glam shot of the leg of a 'factory-machine' :) thank God we could do this tog, while watch a 'drop-by-drop' show!

children are a blessing from the Lord.

auntie said...

me like the pic of zhen zhen! =))

joan:) said...

where's mine?! :P still quite underaged leh :D

i'm a child of God okay! i should get a children's day present!!! hahaha :)

ahma said...

to auntie:haha it was a spur o e moment but it turned out nt too bad!nw i undrstd e beauty o tkg photos in RAW,thks to u auntie!:)

ahma said...

joan..u r an "ah girl" in my eyes haha!but sumhw i see u growing up leh,thk God!:)