Monday, January 18, 2010

YF Camp! Day 1

okie this is long overdue... *super-paiseh* :( ill just let the pictures do the talking...! auntie dear and everyone else, if u mind ur pictures being posted here, please tell me and ill take it off immediately. i just thought it will be nice to share the joy... :)DSC03769
joannella and the three evil stepsisters haha!
DSC03789 DSC03796 
our beloved auntie pumping the air mattresses!
my nice penguin plaster from JOAN! :)
DSC03826 DSC03839 DSC03857
more on this to be updated later :)
DSC03879 DSC03951 DSC03966 DSC03967

we started day 1 learning from a video on George Muller, a man of great faith who only shares His needs with God. and also the night message by Joseph Poon on our thought-life. time to recap....!


joan:) said...

YAY NICE PENGUIN PLASTER ^_^ haha those pictures were really long overdue, but thank God for the reminder of the joyful times at yf camp :P

pp said...

Thank God that He gives holidays to students in order for such camps to take place. Also, as the 3 'oldest' ones for YF 2009 were working, it is His special providence and grace to enable us to be given time off to attend the camp!:) He knows what we need most: To be "In Constant Prayer and Meditation"