Friday, August 06, 2010

6 things to thank God for

time has flown by. how have all of you all been? im sorry for the lack of updates. i have been trying to prioritize. trying to attend to the things that are more important, but im still struggling in doing so. what about all of you? what comes first in your life and is it something worthwhile?

many things have happened to me in the past few months.

first thanksgiving, is to thank the Lord for a wonderful avenue of work. thank God for how after some time of waiting, He has arranged a perfect plan for me. thank God for understanding leaders..and how He has used them to work out an arrangement for me to work part-time. :)

second thanksgiving: as we near the end of PP's attachment, thank God for sustenance. there has been many ups and downs (sometimes in my impression more ups than downs :S ) but thank God that we learn and grow...right, PP?

third thanksgiving, for church camp. though it was only in june, it just seems so far far away. how i wish to be free from all our cares and worries and just gather every morning to learn and listen to God's word! it was truly a blessed time..but i think i have forgotten the lessons learnt. time to revise...

fourth thanksgiving... i learnt how to cycle!!!! :) with the patient help of PP... meet 一朵 :)

fifth thanksgiving..we are only about 5 months away to our big day. can you believe it? i cant. 5 months does not seem like a very long wait after waiting for 1 and a half years. however, i hardly feel ready in all aspects!

sixth thanksgiving..for my dear nephew, who has grown so well and has brought the whole family so much joy despite the fact that he is loud, indeed. DSC06407

do i sound very melancholic? i guess im at a point where im asking myself alot of what actually matters and what doesn't. in what kind of friendships i should invest in and how i can be a blessing to those around me...hmmmm....


pp said...

so many thanksgiving,where can i begin? more thoughts to come...yet truly thank God for His faithfulness in spite of the many weaknesses.

your thanksgiving has prompted me to "Count the blessings"...may we all do so as well, for His glory.

joan:) said...

ahma!! :)

thank God you've been fine.. 4.5 more months left now! must pray more for you two :)

"House and riches are the inheritance of fathers: and a prudent wife is from the LORD." (Prov 19:14)

Haha. Feeling excited for you now! :p

may the Lord continue to lead and guide you! :)

auntie said...

nope you don't sound melancholic =))'s always good to reflect and see how God has blessed us day by day..your sharing of your joys and thanksgivings have brought me joy too! =)
Praying for you!
and rmb don't hesitate to ask if you need help in any way ya!

"He hath made every [thing] beautiful in his time:"