Monday, November 01, 2010


as the day draws nearer (9 weeks GASP), the support i get most comes from the ones whom i know i can always count on. my dearest family.

姐, thank you so much for being a GREAT GREAT support. i know that when i am stuck on something or i need some advice or assurance, i can always look for you! longing to go out and spend more time with u and zachy! :)

mummy has been very concerned for me. i think she is worried because i am falling sick alot and instead of getting fatter as i desire too, im losing weight :( and looking white and thin :( GAH! need to exercise! today, she peeled some pomelo flesh for me to eat. will miss her most as i 'leave' =...(



that said, i'll be gaining a new, awesome and totally cool one! :) WOW!!! :)


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auntie said...

zachy's so cute! he's looking STRAIGHT INTO the camera! hahah! the shots look AWESOME!! =) happy for you ah ma! =))