Saturday, July 30, 2011

angbao boxes

yet another person showed her love to us 01012011. *tammy* is another way through which God has blessed us :) she created our gorgeous "ang bao" boxes! 4 of them in all, all hand-made and one of a kind! it's a pity we do not have pictures of all of them.. but tammy dear, thank God for the talent He has given you because the boxes were really really pretty :)


Emerson  Esther  day 165

photo credits: Bryan Jean Photography


this... was a typical box used to contain A4 paper, covered with cloth and embellished with materials like pvc leather, ribbons, flowers and scrapbooking materials. amazing!


as an alternative to a guestbook, PP and i printed our card image as a banner. it was fuss-free, and comparable to the price of 2 guestbooks too. now, we use the banners as picnic mats :) little weird, but handy enough!

IMG 0169 copy

IMG 0178 copy

IMG 0168 copy

Emerson  Esther  day 163

photo credit for last picture: Bryan Jean Photography


here's the contact for our banner printer:


KK Art Decor

48 Toh Guan Road East #07-109 Enterprise Hub S608586

Tel: 6565 5653


we liased with Eadric, who was prompt and very efficient! you can receive your banner within a week, and with delivery too :)

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