Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Phillip Island

Phillip Island was a must-go for us because i loved penguins very very much!

IMG 0465

Along the long drive, PP went for a little break and came back with this :)


when we arrived, we were captivated by the amount of vintage cars on the road!

IMG 0467 vintage

we explored the seaside, basked in the sun and looked at the seagulls :)

DSC07902 vintage


the beach area had a long stretch of food options :) we were pretty much overwhelmed by the choices so we settled for this place. trust me - in australia, when you see people queuing up for the food, you can be sure it's good :)


IMG 0472

the fries here are lovely!


off to the highlight of the trip :) PP and i chose to go for the "Ultimate Tour" option. trust me, it's very very worthwhile!

IMG 0476

we got to witness a beautiful sunset :)

IMG 0498

we also did not have to squeeze with the crowds and got the chance to listen to our guide's anecdotes. the place is simply filled with lots and lots of adorable little penguins! no photos of them though, it was not allowed :) a guide shared about how a little boy sneaked one of the adorable fairy penguins into his backpack and his mother was shocked to return home and find one swimming in the bathtub! haha! but they are seriously adorable! i can understand why the boy did that :)


we sat quietly by the shore, listening to the crashing of the waves and watching the gorgeous sunset. as the sun went down, the timid little dudes slowly inched their way onto the shore. a wallaby hopped across the shore, scaring them back into the waters again. then, they would slowly creep back on shore..you'll spot one, then more! it was a once-in-a-lifetime experience.


after that, we were required to trek our way back. it was a long walk, but along the way, you could see penguins burrowing their way and sometimes they would even stroll alongside with u!

IMG 0495


it was truly an unforgettable experience :)


tip: bring a binoculars!

hint: churchhill island is not worth the visit.  we went to the nobbies the next day. it was quite lovely too :)


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