Saturday, July 30, 2011

vintage bicycle for rental

meet our lovely bike, 一朵.



are you interested in renting it? total fees include transportation. contact me at if you are interested :) subject to availability~


DSC06229 colour copy

062 copy



pp said...

An additional note, this bicycle has a rear seat, so in fact, two people can be on it at the same it (you can see our photo story for an example) :)

Unknown said...

Hi, how much are you charging for 2 hours rental (plus transportation to the shoot location)? My email address is:

Junnie said...

Hi, how much are you charging for rental of the bike per hour? Do you provide transportation as well?

esther said...

hi Junnie,

I'm not sure how else i can contact you but kindly email me at

we have rates for rental with and without transportation :)